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1. Open a high-yield savings account

Imagine going to bed at night and waking up the next morning with money in the bank. Often referred to passive income, the term is a bit of misnomer. It takes planning and systems to generate money while doing nothing. Essentially, passive income involves making money on something after the initial investment of time or money.

10 Great Ways to Make Passive Income Online

For example, if you buy stocks, they can earn or lose money once you've made the purchase money investment. Or, if you write a hit song, you can continue to make money each time that song is played. Blogging may be one of the most on-going labor intensive ideas on this list, yet it can still be created and managed on a part-time schedule.

The best blogs for passive income offer highly sought-after and compelling information. Blogs that provide information have a variety of monetization options including:.

5 Ways to make MONEY while you SLEEP! - Passive Income!

The trick to success in blogging, aside from regular quality content, is marketing to increase readership. For the most passive efforts, you can use SEO so that search engines can help deliver traffic to you. However, it's good to have a variety of other marketing options, many of which can involve systems and automation such as email marketing and social media. Every business website or blog should have an email list, but not every email list needs a large website or blog.

In fact, with a squeeze or landing page , and a thank you page, you can build passive income through an email list. You can make your email list even more hands-off by using an auto-responder or a campaign. You spend the time in advance writing and setting up the emails, and then the list service does all the work, sending your emails to subscribers week after week, month after month.

This works best with evergreen content, as opposed to trending ideas and news. For example, you can set up a week one year email newsletter about gluten-free cooking or fitness over fifty. Just pre-write and set up the emails in the auto-responder or campaing, and subscribers get the information automatically each week. Creating ebooks, online courses, and other digital content is one of the best ways to make money while you sleep. Sounds like a dream? Actually, some people live it. As a matter of fact, life belongs to those who dare to turn their dreams into goals and follow through.

Sylvester Stallone knew what really drives him from the very beginning. He craved to be part of the NYC show business industry. His looks were a huge obstacle. No one wanted to hire him for a more extended period. Sly was so desperate to join the acting scene that in times of bad fortune he was even homeless and poverty made him sell his dog. As we all know, his story got a happy ending. Sylvester Stallone became an icon of American cinema, and we all know him best as Rocky. Typically, when we speak of making money actively as an employee, you do so by trading your time for it.

You spend a great share of your day i.

7 Ways to Earn Money While You Sleep

The definition of passive income says that you make money without being actively involved in the process of earning it. Instead, you invest time and hard work upfront, creating valuable resources, products, and experiences for people. Then, reap the benefits later on. The whole idea of earning passive income is the exact opposite of active income.

In the case of having a real-life passive income business, you have these two greatest life values, time and money , at your disposal. While doing research on this topic, I spotted plenty of online resources, like the one shown below.

19 Legitimate Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep

Most online articles about passive income are served with blatant clickbait titles - revealing X brilliant ideas to let you earn that desired cash flow QUICK - in 5 minutes or even less. Such posts miss the point by a mile. If you wonder how to start earning passive income, do diligent market research before you jump in. Then you can dig further to see which ones have potential to be prominent channels. Also, be mindful that most passive income ideas described online will either generate poor returns or consume lots of your time and this is where it stops being so passive.

Card Accounts

One of most classic passive income businesses that come to my mind go offline and come from assets like renting a property or writing a book. When I think of generating passive income the first idea that comes to my mind is through real estate. Yeah, this is the most classic example of making cash with no or very little real-time presence.

You have to come into possession of that property first after all. Get a well-paid job, save money, so that at some point in life you can invest in real estate to finally start renting it out in your 60s. But, once you are a valued expert in your field, you have all the advantages to achieve this state sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, renting out a property sounds like a pipedream. It sounds as if I was telling you to get rich if you want to be rich.

The greatest challenge of writing books is about wrapping stories around emotions, making the readers feel things, finding your voice and style, playing with language. What matters a whole lot when writing a book is not just what you write. The soul inside your story is what attracts readers. It has to be authentic. You can be sure this is a non-starter. Writing a book is a very personal act. What you write can be total fiction, it can also be an educational how-to guide. You have to be a natural born writer.

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If you feel it in your bones - then go ahead, you will surely bring something good to light. This is the part I would like to focus on. How come? You can just start your business one day from scratch and continue it as a side project being hired at a company.

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And see how it goes. Once the basics like website and merchant agreements are settled, you can get down to business and execute a robust marketing strategy for each product you promote. Most vendors are flexible and will do a lot to make your life as easy as possible.

Start a blog

Merchants often provide you with top-notch marketing materials you can use right away. Need a hand?