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On our particular project we will have the bumper bolts still showing from the front side but they will not actually hold the bumper in place. As seen on the lower section we ran a vertical strip of the same material on the edge and stitch welded it also.

We then ran a matching flat bar horizontally on top of each section to form our foundation. Note the holes that were pre-drilled, we simply ran some bolts through the holes attached some nuts, tightened them then welded them in place as seen in the next caption. We flipped the bumper up on its side to show a better view of the nut and bolt we tightened before welding. This is how we will hold our brackets to the bumper. As seen in this close up we welded the inside nut after we tightened the outer nut to draw it up. Then we simply loosened the unwelded nut and removed the bolt.

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We drilled the holes accordingly and then mounted it. As seen there is still clearance for an original bumper bolt to be lightly attached giving the appearance of a stock mounted bumper. More often then not we simply fill those old holes and go bolt - less but the customer wants the original style " LOOK" to the exterior.

Time to put the bumper back in place using our measurements, we double checked the fit and are satisfied.

Notice the small strips we tacked welded n place from the bumper to the frame. This holds it all in place while we fab and fit the new brackets. Louie designed some stylish looking brackets then mocked them up on chip board to see what they looked like.

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We like the style so it is time to proceed. He lays the template out and scribes it on the sheet after spraying blue-dykem which dries fast and allows a precise scribe line for clear viewing when cutting out a part. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

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This warranty applies to vehicles registered and operated in the United States. Fabrication One uses the highest quality paints and coatings to ensure longevity. Coatings are applied in a controlled atmosphere within a semi-downdraft cross flow spray booth with a 1 million BTU bake drying cycle.

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All bodywork is thoroughly inspected prior to entering the refinish department. Fabrication One paints and installs wings, spoilers, ground effects, sunroofs, flares, hood scoops, vertical doors—just about any and all things on the market.

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Hand painted and vinyl pinstripes and graphics, full detailing, including machine waxing, paint sealants and interior shampooing are all expertly applied and performed at Fabrication One. Q: Do I have to use a collision repair shop suggested by my insurer?

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A: As a matter of law, you have the right to choose which repair shop you wish to use despite any desires that your insurance company may express. Q: Can you repair plastic bumpers or do they have to be replaced when they are torn? A: YES they can be repaired even when torn, with a specialized plastic welding process. After the process it is painted to look brand new.