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Pastoring Singles Spring The Church Praying Spring Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal Fall Expositional Preaching Spring Vanishing Church? Fall The Church Singing May—June Prosperity Gospel January—February Evangelism — Part 2 November—December Evangelism — Part 1 September—October Is Scripture Enough?

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July—August Church and Parachurch: Friends or Foes? Deacons May - June Missions July—August Multi-site Churches May—June Young Pastors March—April Counseling in the Church November—December Living As a Church May—June Cooperation March—April Corporate Prayer January—February Race and Ethnicity September—October The Gospel July—August In this epistle, the apostle addresses problems such as division in the church, sexual immorality, the proper use of spiritual gifts, the role of women in ministry and the importance of maintaining the authentic gospel message.

All of these, plus in-depth teaching on the nature of the resurrection, makes this a must study for all Bible students at every level of spiritual maturity.

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Unlike l Corinthians, II Corinthians is a subjective book. I Corinthians teaches the church how to do things and how Christians conduct themselves in various situations. II Corinthians reveals what it is like to be an Apostle.

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  • The Galatian letter is Paul's response to those in every age who would try to tamper with the essential message of the Gospel: That salvation is obtained by faith, not law, and that freedom in Christ moves us to live by the Spirit of God, not the spirit of this world. Paul's most eloquent teaching on God's plan of salvation and life in the body of Christ. A great textual study for those who want to go "deep" into God's word. Philippians is the Apostle Paul's most joyful letter in which he shares rich and encouraging spiritual insights with a church he loved and, because of his imprisonment, greatly missed.

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    This 12 part series is an easy to understand explanation of Paul's epistle to the Colossian church. In it the Apostle describes the many facets of Christ's pre-eminence superiority in both the physical and spiritual worlds thus establishing the reasons for His Lordship over all. No other book of the Bible gives a clearer sequence and detail of the events surrounding the glorious return of Jesus Christ than the two letters Paul writes to a young church at Thessalonica Greece who fear that they will be left behind when that great day comes.

    The two letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to the young evangelist, Timothy, provided him with clear instructions for the divinely ordained way the church of the New Testament was to organize and function not only in the first century but throughout history to this day and beyond.

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    Although this is a second letter sent by Paul to the young evangelist, Timothy, the tone and circumstances of this communication could not be more different. Commonly regarded as Paul's last epistle, Paul's final letter summarizes his most important teachings and bids a touching farewell to a trusted and loved disciple.

    Paul's letter to Titus is focused on preparing leaders to accurately teach the church and what results this should produce.

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    This one chapter epistle addresses the issue of slavery which was common in the Roman Empire of the first century.