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Give her time to get used to these new foods and flavours. Watch for signs that she is full and stop feeding her then. Your baby can eat anything except honey, which she shouldn't eat until she is a year old. As your baby gets increasing amounts of solid foods, she should continue to get the same amount of breastmilk. From 9—11 months old, your baby can take half a cup of food three to four times a day, plus a healthy snack. Now you can start to chop up soft food into small pieces instead of mashing it.

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Your baby may even start to eat food herself with her fingers. Continue to breastfeed whenever your baby is hungry. Each meal needs to be both easy for your baby to eat and packed with nutrition. Make every bite count. Foods need to be rich in energy and nutrients. Eating a variety of foods every day gives your baby the best chance of getting all the nutrients he needs.

Try again a few days later. You can also try mixing it with another food that your baby likes or squeezing a little breastmilk on top. She'll also need to rely on other foods, including milk products, to get all the nutrition her body needs. When to introduce your baby to solid foods and why the timing is so important. A lactation expert answers some of the most common breastfeeding questions. Exercise will affect the taste of your milk.

Your child can now eat the same food as the rest of the family. Your baby needs more energy and nutrients now than at any other time in her life. Your baby's first foods When your baby is 6 months old, she is just learning to chew. As your baby grows, her stomach also grows and she can eat more food with each meal.

Feeding your baby: 6–12 months

Feeding your baby: 9—11 months old From 9—11 months old, your baby can take half a cup of food three to four times a day, plus a healthy snack. Start to give your baby solid foods at 6 months of age, just as a breastfed baby would need. There are combinations using the mutators and alternate seat and chainstay parts that change the bb height and allow the HTA to be within 0.

Unless they spec different front triangles. Or choose different fork lengths. I noticed that on the G16 specs that they had a or mm fork with and a fork with So yes, you fellas are ultimately right. Impossible to change one without the other altering. Wild the amount of flexibility though.

Let your imaginations run wild with the tech sheets. Nice write up AJ. After reading a few of your articles on the Geometron, I was definitely geo-curious. I looked into getting a frame and I was almost ready to pull the trigger Especially without demo-ing one and not knowing if you're going to like it. So I dipped my toes in the long slack pond with a Stumpy Evo 29 S3 I'm 5'8" and the mm reach is a pretty big departure from the I've been riding lately. Well it's only been a couple of rides, but it's pretty damn fun. And it didn't take very long to get along with a bike so much longer than my old ones.

Like you said AJ, the hardest part is going ultra slow, other than that, all good things. For those out there that are curious about the longer bikes, try to demo a Stumpy Evo I think Steed in North Van will have demos or a Transition. I read the first few sentances thinking, "get this guy a stumpy evo Kudos to them for pushing that into production.

The Stumpy Evo is a great bike. Too small for me, but still onto it. For a big guy like you, even the S3 is the is a little bit run of the mill at reach. I just thought I would share my latest modification to my Longest G16 29er. I then swapped out the standard x 64 mm shock for a x 70 mm shock, thereby increasing the travel to an estimated mm. With the shock stay flip-chip in the mm low position and a mm travel, 37 mm offset Lyrik, this gives a wheel base of mm, a front center of mm, a front center to rear center ratio of 1. I have only ridden the bike on pavement, but it feels great.

The longer travel is easily noticeable. We are currently under several feet of snow, so real world testing will have to wait, but I think the increased rear center will allow a more balanced position and will make it easier to weight the front wheel. The next modification will be to put a mm rotor on the front and move the mm to the back. Sounds like a weapon mtbzit! The longer stays should help with the slacker head angle for sure, removing the problem I had. Definitely worth looking into and I would like to try some longer ones on it anyway.

I'm running Hope Tech V4s. Hope has a mm rotor, but won't sell it. We'll see how it lines up.

Just a bit of follow-up now that I have ridden my bike on dirt. The chainstays definitely improve the cornering, and the climbing as well. Definitely a keeper! I prefer sturdier casings like DD or Super Gravity. This was all I could get in 2. Thankfully the DHF and a series of other tires are getting the 2. Makes sense, yes, I was very surprised when I was getting my new 29'r moving up from Almost like the demand took them by surprise a bit. Which I'm guessing would be about grams lighter than DD?

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I can appreciate the geo, and I'd love to try something like this or one of the Poles, but aesthetically my eyes are just wierded out. I agree. I used to feel that it looked strange, and I still joke about it now, but after a while it looks completely normal and everything else looks cramped and odd.

I'm 6'2" and run my G16 x longest as a mixy, I've had the bike 18 months and really like the way I can ride what I want without it trying to kill me. The one disturbing thing is that it always feels to be able to go faster than I think. I'm 63 and think it may be my last big bike! Hey Duxall. Lyric upfront short offset. I love it. What size water bottle fits with that set-up? And in your opinion do you think the size down longer would fit a bottle?

I tried fitting an SKS anycage mount to my Longest and even with a ml bottle and a side load cage it was a no go. Cable tying the bottle cage to the DT is the only option as far as I can see. Don't see how there'd be room on a Longer. With the dropped TT on the new G1 i think it would be even worse! Which would be nice for when I win the Lotto and can afford to replace my G16 with a G1. Exact same boat as you! Tried to make the SKS adapters work, to no avail. Also saw that comment. Hope we see it soon. It looks like they have a bottle mount on the top of the top tube!?

I hope this is not the G16,S solution. Fingers crossed they come up with a bottle solution. Maybe they could do what Starling and Cotic have done. Mount under the top tube. But from the sounds they are going to do what C-dale did.

In brief: Feeding your baby at 6–12 months

I really dig what Fezzara did with double bottles. Did you drop your front ring size when you put the bigger wheels on? Even if you you did, I imagine a slight change in the precise ratio to the dirt could affect climbing traction, especially when in a very familiar situation where 'muscle memory' has a significant contribution. Not suggesting it isn't inertia necessarily, I think that's a totally viable explanation. Just providing an alternative to ponder. Also, did your suspension settings change? Impossible to say on the fork I guess, but the shock.

In theory when riding at a given speed, suspension shaft speeds should be slower when increasing wheel size. Just wondering whether that was enough to warrant a click of compression damping to you. Do you know if the suspension manufacturers account for this in their tune of forks for different size wheels? I'm guessing no, and that I'm just a massive nerd. Suspension settings are always being tinkered with.

The 12 Months of the French Republican Calendar

I removed spacers and closed up the HSC one click. Later this changed again. My new G16 will show up in a couple weeks, see you on the other side. Is that a fork or ? I had on my G16 29" and when csu started to creak i got a new fork and bike was instantly better. Glad to hear you're enjoying it with the ! Short offset Lyric.

Rebound 2 clicks from full open. Words AJ Barlas.

Photos AJ Barlas. The G16 with the original build and smaller They look the same but ride quite differently. I had planned on throwing the Throwing a smaller wheel in will only exaggerate these. Other Changes Although there have been plenty of test parts over the course of the year, the bike remains very similar to the original build. Keeping with the bolt-in through axle.

9. Twelve Months After. Sassoon, Siegfried. Counter-Attack and Other Poems

The OneUp has been problem free, as was the Fox Kabolt. Comments 0. Tried, but no cigar. I wish I had been on it as early as you. Duncan Philpott swears by Merino boxers rather than knix as a lighter more comfortable option. Gooch-pad free is the way to be! The Deity Speedtrap is the seat that did it for me. Edit: I forgot to add that I appreciate all the prompt, thoughtful replies. Thanks AJ! Just noticed you run EXO casings Or does EXO work for you? Would be an interesting test You know that phrase about faces and "only a mother could love"?

Front ring remained the same, which for sure adds to the extra force required.

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  • Big move! Glad to help and looking forward to hearing more when you get it. You made a great decision.