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Whether it be as a symbol of proletarian solidarity in East German theater or as part of West German literary engagement with American Jewish culture, Yiddish shows up all over postwar German literature and performance. Building on scholarship from German Studies, Yiddish Studies, and cultural and political history, the following study connects the study of Yiddish in German literature after both to discourses from the early 20th century and to broader discussions on German identity and literary legacy in the postwar era.

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I am primarily interested in the reinvention of the folk tradition following the Nazi era and the creation of a usable literary past at a time in which the German political and geographic present was in flux. This dissertation explores these issues by looking at the ways in which German-language authors on both sides of the Berlin Wall, and those writing after its fall, relied on Yiddish to negotiate national literary identities.

By looking at the diverse body of texts that do this and the ways in which these works were received, this dissertation demonstrates that the presence of Yiddish language and culture in German literature after was used to create spaces in which foundational narratives could be reshaped and new identities defined. Parents: This work has no parents.


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If the motor car or any other lot is not sold, the Consignor shall reimburse RMS for the costs accruing due to the failure to winterise the motor car or any other lot before the Consignor can re-take possession of the motor car or any other lot. If payment has already been made, the Consignor shall reimburse the costs directly to RMS. Entire Agreement; Written Form. Only the Contract Documents shall be relevant to the legal relationship between the parties.

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