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General Boo-regard: His exposure was not met with being cast out, but rather an attempt on his life as soon both sides of the war see him as a meal since he is a giant chicken.

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Yabba Dabba Boo : his clucking which normally gets him discovered, went unnoticed until Chicken Boo freaked out after seeing everyone eating chicken dishes. Boo Happens : Several people in the episode remark that he is really a giant chicken, but only one is present at the end to say "I told you that guy was a chicken! Although the episode is all a dream and Ralph and his real wife eat fried chicken in bed. From a bucket that has a picture of Chicken Boo dressed up like Colonel Sanders.

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Wakko believes while Boo is walking out it's to tell him the studio's lawyer is a giant chicken. Boo just screams and runs off before anyone else finds out.

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In Meet John Brain , the first presidential survey done after Brain's would-be voters turn on him upon learning he's a mouse shows "John Brain" taking a nosedive in the polls, while a newscaster says a political rival has been skyrocketing, showing a graph saying Chicken Boo is in the lead.

It is unknown what disguise Chicken Boo used, if at all, as he was not present in that episode. Desktopversion anzeigen.

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    So, I'm experiencing a LOT of hiccups in the game. They appear what a lag spike would look like in an online game - screen freezes for about half a second, then everything accelerates while the game state "syncs" again and normal acton is resumed. This can be specially frustrating when it happens on that one try you JUST got most of the screen right after three dozen attempts and only need to make that last jump A childing synonym for a mistake or a skin cut.

    I think I got a BooBoo unknown.

    Also can be known as "B" or "Boo" - BooBoo's are a very elusive type of girl or "foxy lady". Out-going, funny, gorgeous, sharp as a tack and amazingly goofy - A BooBoo will clown your shoes while shooting milk from her nose apparently they have amazing talents too!

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    Only the most friendly type who is truly amazing inside and out! This is a very special type of person indeed - only remember to watch your manners or you might find yourself cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush!

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    Only a BooBoo can twirl a baton while playing super mario kart with her toes! Boo Boo unknown.