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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Archived from the original on Bobby Bland. Two Steps from the Blues Here's the Man! He remembers the days that he spends chasing some naive dream, probably recollected from long ago, and dusted off to simply give him something to believe in again, but it never lasts.

He tries to pretend that tomorrow it will change and turn out alright still.

  • Flashback Soul: Bobby “Blue” Bland Says There “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”.
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The end of the song is a sort of resignation, and I think something we all find out eventually. The character starts by seeing the beauty of a tree covered in fresh rain but the slow depression coils its way around him still, even in the face of such an image.

The character pulls back from himself and finally sees how insignificant it all really is now. He sees himself standing there next to that tree, hardly moving, hardly a quiver in the dirt, and realizes his own insignificance. It's not an awful realization, in my opinion, just the knowledge that no matter how much it hurts, it's still only a day passing amongst a thousand of them. The song is supposed to embody the spirit of those rainy days you spend watching out your window wondering how it all went wrong.

You wonder why you still wake up daily when there's no great love in your life. What carries your soul when there's nothing around to pick it up? However, I believe The Sas Man has a better grasp on the true content here. And, as much as we like to try to interpret songs, we could always be way off. Take the Beatles for example: They were high, not deep in thought! Anyway… What a poignant and tragic song. There is no question of there being substance in these lyrics.

Maybe there is a god out there this is more me, not David Gray , but if there is, it sure seems to have left us on our own. So what keeps driving us?

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What keeps us trudging through all of this heartache and pain? What is the purpose to this existence of ours? We want to believe that there is a purpose. And, how could it be? How could this amazing and beautiful life all just be chance? Then my mind wanders in the direction of…Is this really as great as this life gets, with no greater thing beyond us to look forward to? Is it really possible that there could be some greater thing out there just observing us, without wanting to interact with us?

"Ain't No Love In The Heart of The City" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

We try to make the experience of living as wonderful as possible, try to discover and create things that make it seem worth our while. For some reason, the broken window pane seems to me a representation of how we build things to protect ourselves and keep us going. But, just as the window pain is broken and lets the cold and dampness in, allowing the opportunity for one to become ill, so are so many aspects of this beautiful yet sad world imperfect and flawed. Might seem like a simple song, but the gravity of its message is unmistakable. General Comment I suppose Jag's interpretation would explain the cyclic sound of the chords and melody David uses.

The chords and melody simply repeat in groups of three bars each, cleverly suggesting some kind of unfultilled routine.

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This song, especially its lyrics, is just brilliant. Maybe someone else has differant ideas to it Love, Birdie. Birdie , Aug 7, Marcel likes this. Well, didn't know we got someone here who seems to know everything. There seem to be people who know more about some meaning than the artist himself, there are some songs which Dave says he doesn't know the meaning of, himself. And I remember him saying, that sometimes meanings change with the years passing by.

Saying this without having read the article mentioned above. Last edited: Aug 7, This sense that there's some sort of love that shapes our lives is surely wrong. It's far deeper forces than that. It's survival and nurture and instinct, it's animal and it's very core. That's what our existence is and I think that notion just struck a chord with me.

Whitesnake - Ain't No Love In the Heart Of The City

I hadn't seen that one before. It makes me sad to read that he doesn't believe in God. In my insignificant opinion God is surely using David's gift of music. Obviously David is open and receiving that gift. In the quote above where he says "that there's some sort of love that shapes our lives is surely wrong" Then lists that it's survival, nuture, instinct etc. Those things I believe are actually driven by love God -- as in imbued by. I think I think too much.

DCA I don't know who you are either Birdie, read the article, good stuff. KirstenH likes this. I think that with a lot of his songs, this one if left to the interpretation of the listener. I've heard DG talk about writing this song for a Welsh movie about a teenage, single mom.

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She's down on her luck, and he said it was kind of a hymn. I was listening to the song one day and it hit me like a thunderbolt: It's not love, it's duty. This mother - with her half-remembered dreams - had a duty to her little girl, coughing, probably unhealthy, sitting under the broken window pane Having been single mother for a long time myself, yes, YES you love your children, but you also have a duty to them to provide and care and educate and entertain, etc, etc, etc, and it's overwhelming.