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The parents' guide to what's in this book. Educational Value. Positive Messages.

Continue reading Show less. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by avan1 December 8, This is insane I am I have to read this book in spanish for my class at school. As a sophomore in high school, I can fully understand these topics and I'm honestly Continue reading.

Report this review. Adult Written by Sukikiokia November 16, I would like to say something good, but Honestly, not only is it inappropriate, but its just not good. The timeline causes for a lack of plot and therefore a lack of drive for the story. There is lots Teen, 14 years old Written by moonCarrot August 31, Teen, 16 years old Written by socks August 31, Not Worth it To much sexual content to be a good or tolerable read.

What's the story? Is it any good? Talk to your kids about Can you see why an oppressed underclass of people would embrace Marxism or socialism? Magic and Fantasy. Brothers and Sisters. Misfits and Underdogs. For kids who love history and politics.

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Historical Fiction. Political Movies. Our editors recommend. Never Fall Down.

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Harrowing true story of boy in Cambodia's Killing Fields. The Scarlet Letter. Classic novel of American religion, morality, and hypocrisy. The Crucible. Powerful play about Salem witch trials a riveting read. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. Read more. Cooper Goodreads Author. Generations of Russells have lived and died with only their familiars at their side.

He forces himself to keep busy instead, but the emptiness of his house haunts him even more the spirit of Great-Great-Aunt Elysia in the parlor. The rarest of rare jewels, Bartleby is a human familiar: a witch with no magic of his own, and a desire to find a strong witch to help and serve. In particular, he desires to help and serve Piotr, and everything in Piotr wants to let him. Bartleby was meant to be his familiar; Piotr knows it as surely as he knows when it will rain or when the apples in his garden will ripen. He might have no magic, but love is a power all its own.

The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 91 pages. More Details Familiar Spirits 1. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Little Familiar , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

Sort order. Dec 29, Kasia Bacon rated it really liked it.

Little Spirits

That was lovely. View all 6 comments. Dec 07, MLE rated it really liked it Shelves: mm , kindle-archive. Really sweet. Review to come.


Jan 10, Ann rated it liked it Shelves: holiday-reads , pnrs-shifters-ghosties-scifi-etc. More like 3. Well, 3 stars for some, 4 stars for others, 5 stars for a couple of really great lines and 2 stars for the book cock blocking at the end. So yeah, 3. I liked this quiet and charming story. The characters were very appealing and they really needed to be together for so many reasons. I really wish I would have read it around Halloween, it's got the perfect moody feel to it that I'll have to check out during a reread next Halloween. I don't need to have graphic bon More like 3.

I don't need to have graphic boning in my books, not that I don't tend to lean in that direction however. This one could have gotten away with no boning at all. But, there was a brief, fade-to-blackish sex scene and talk of impending fucking so when then time came and I got book cock blocked at the end I was bummed. Sweet jeebus, the outfit that Bartleby showed up in at the end deserved the full fledged bone job. The language and the buildup of UST between the two teased me into thinking I would get the goods on page. But, I did love Piotr and Bartleby together and was charmed by their language and dedication to their culture.

The quiet nights at Piotr's house were homey and just plain lovely. What seemed like opposites attract was more like opposites being balanced and I wanted to sit Piotr down over some of his homemade cider so we could have a little chat about awareness. He's a gentle bear with no clue. Then there is Bartleby with a penchant for eyeliner, fashion and a heart made to care for Piotr. How can I NOT love them? I would have just loved them more if the promised boning had happened, on page, just sayin'.

Oct 31, Xan West rated it it was amazing Shelves: enby-char , need-trans-review , pets , trans-enby-romance , trans-enby-rom-recd , holiday-themed , halloween-or-samhain. It hit me hard in the feels. I was basically holding my breath through the last third or so of the book. I do want to say that there is a non-binary love interest in this, who I read and the text alludes to this as genderfluid.

I liked the representation; it worked for me. More coherent review later on. Feb 21, Meep rated it liked it Shelves: angst , kindle-unlimited , fantasy-paranormal-shifter. While I normally enjoy Cooper's writing it didn't pull me in this time, there was too heavy a feel despite the light homeliness of the story. The UST dripped from the page where I needed some brightness.

Standard fare for the 'familiar' verse; long standing misunderstandings and lack of communication - this time around with two characters who have grown up together, in the same world, in the same covern! Everyone appears to know but the characters, but at least in this story due to length they're off-page and we don't meet them. The characters were interesting as were witches, familiars, the haunted house and providing from the soil. A few great lines, including the splendidly simple and true portent: The clock ticked because that was what clocks did Disappointing, because it could have made a lovely story if the relentless strong emotions eased up in places allowing some joy through.

Poor Bartleby did his best, he even dressed up pretty, which went shockingly under-appreciated. Oct 05, Alison rated it really liked it Shelves: my-e-things , uf-pn , queer , lgbtq. This is a delightful story about witches and Halloween. I really enjoy how Cooper writes romantic awkwardness and nervous tension, and both are in abundance in this lovely story. Great secondary characters include a raven and a ghost. I love this author's writing style and the slow reveal of the history between the two main characters.

Cooper's one of my favourites, and I was not disappointed. Mar 19, Relly rated it liked it Shelves: 3-stars , bread.

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This one was no exception. Piotr did my head in, and there were times I really wanted to slap him across the back of his head. Once Bartleby opened the lines of communication and talked around to what he wanted they finally moved forward. Dec 30, Alexa rated it it was amazing Shelves: c-witch , ship-mm-main , lgbt-gay-main , ratedstars , ship-mnb-main , favorites , g-modern-fantasy , lgbt-main , read-in , lgbt-nonbinary-main. I mean, just look at this: although his rage was the gentlest rage imaginable, the briefest, quietest maelstrom in a teacup.

He was a bear permitted to cup a kitten in his paw, when he deserved no such prize. I would fall in love with Bartleby too. Bartleby was… Bartleby. He wore what he chose to wear and acted how he chose to act. Oct 26, Bkwyrm rated it really liked it. Short and sweet Aside from some grammatical errors and a few spelling mistakes, a lovely gem of a Halloween story. Piotr is a powerful witch from a powerful family, isolated and believes himself entirely self-sufficient, alone in his ancestral house.

He never attends his coven's Samhain revels, preferring to stay home and give out candy to kids. He's known Bartleby his whole life, a man born to a witch family, but with a different power - he's a human familiar, a focus and companion for a witch. The most powerful witches need familiars, and Piotr doesn't have one. He doesn't think he needs one. Sweet story about not seeing what's in front of you, about loneliness and fear and refusing to admit what you want because you think you can't have it.

Nov 10, Antonella rated it really liked it. Nice and sweet, utterly delightful. Nov 18, Jessie Potts rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m-paranormal. I really like this Beings world, I only noticed that the misunderstandings formula is present in all of them. Aug 31, Barbara Cerda rated it it was amazing. His characterizations are what made me a fan of his work. Their personalities stick to you long after completing the read. The sex descriptive is good although at times, it may not be for the squeamish…but the storytelling is superb.

But I digress. The powerful and lonely male witch Piotr Russel needs to claim his childhood friend Bartleby and this begins a wonderful dance of the hearts. He is very good at this. Gestalten uses a secure payment system to protect your information. More information on our security procedure is available here. SHIPPING Once your order is processed and an order confirmation is sent, you will be able to track your shipment using the link in the order confirmation.

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