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Some of these reclarified compounds will, in their new guise, be simple sound-meaning compounds, and some of them—if the reclarified character itself was already a sound-meaning compound—will be. CAR radical [A] The character is a picture of a car or chariot top view—the top and bottom horizontal strokes being the two wheels. KEY: 1. Hanyu Shuiping Cihui New HSK Exam level i. MN indicates a mnemonic tip Chao Yuen Ren treats reclarified compounds as a sub-class of sound-meaning compounds: see Mandarin Primer Cambridge University Press, , pp.

Let us consider this point a little further. Chinese Word-classes acc. Chao verbs including adjectives nouns proper names place words time-words determinatives measure-words localizers suffixes that convert non-place words to place words pronouns other substitutes adverbs prepositions conjunctions particles interjections. The editor of Reading and Writing Chinese, in preparing the definitions, has given the student as much help as he could with this problem.

English verbs are used to translate Chinese verbs, English nouns to translate Chinese nouns, etc. Where grammatical categories do not match, explanations and paraphrases are given especially for Chinese measure-words, localizers, and particles. As is stated in the Preface, the student should be using Reading and Writing Chinese in tandem with classroom work or with a tutor.

The achievement of that kind of comfort is, of course, one of the pleasures of studying a foreign language. In addition to their use with slang terms, or for clarity, quotation marks are used around character-compound definitions that are contextually proper in English but which cannot be derived from the characters themselves.

Always compare a character which appears in a compound, with its written counterpart as you work through this book. The typeset list below provides the most common of these variant forms. Numbers refer to the serial number of characters in the first half of this book characters 1—1, ; page numbers are for characters in the second half. So all dictionaries organized phonetically, as just described, also have an index—an index organized by some modern adaptation of the traditional radical system.

There is no universally accepted adaptation, however, so different dictionaries use slightly different radical systems. But all such systems are derived from the traditional radical system, all of them overlap to a great degree, and all follow quite closely the logic of the traditional system. Many of these common combinations are given in this book so that you will get used to seeing the characters within important expression and words. Learning the combination in which a character occurs can be a valuable aid to understanding that character. Moreover, these combinations provide review as well as usage examples.

Finally, practice with two-character combinations and fourcharacter set expressions will tend to break down the illusion, which the writing system so insistently encourages, that Chinese is a monosyllabic language. The different meanings are established, of course, by using a different meaning-component in each character. In Reading and Writing Chinese we have therefore introduced common characters as part of a phonetic series if the characters belong to a phonetic series.

The remarkable thing about the Chinese writing system, including the simplified form of it which is studied in this book, is that a literate native speaker of one dialect can communicate with another person of a different native dialect by xvii. The other party will immediately understand—although if the two tried to speak in their native dialects, neither would understand the other. That is, with the Chinese writing system, you can simultaneously write down a message in 13 different languages! Some foreign students, initially vexed when they realize that the Chinese writing system is somewhat more complicated than their own, think that the Chinese should switch to an alphabetical one.

To do so, however, would eliminate the increment of universal intelligibility which exists in China. Furthermore, while it does take some months longer for a Chinese child to master the writing system than it does for an American or French child, say, to master their own writing systems, in the long run there is little difference. Japan, whose writing system is based on the Chinese system, has one of the highest literacy rates in the world illiteracy in Japan is about one-fifth that of the United States.

And James Traub notes that only slightly more than four percent of Taiwanese fifth graders and slightly more than 10 percent of Japanese scored as low as the average American fifth grader on a battery of reading tests. Study Methods Each radical introduced in this book is assigned a number in parentheses. This number is the radical number and indicates where the radical occurs within the sequence of radicals. Every effort you make to memorize the number, at least for radicals having two, three, four, five, or six strokes, will pay off in time saved after you start to use dictionaries. You are also advised, when first learning a character, to be conscious of all the radicals that appear in it.

Say aloud the radicals while writing a new character. Such incantations may be of considerable help in recalling characters to memory three or four days after first encountering them. You should read the explanation of the sources of new characters, but you need not formally study these explanations unless as sometimes happens you become fascinated by the Chinese written character itself.

In that case you may want to learn all the explanations given and even to carry your own studies further afield into the various books which present such explanations in greater and sometimes fanciful detail. A reference which can be useful for such study is Bernhard Karlgren, Analytic Dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese see note above, p. Cover the character with a blank piece of paper placed along the vertical line that separates the character from the box containing its pronunciation and meaning, then try to write out the character, and immediately after doing so, pull the answer sheet away and compare the character you have written with the character in the book.

If you have written the character incorrectly, take note of the error or errors and write the character correctly before proceeding to the next one. After working to the bottom of a page in this way, reverse the procedure and try to write down the pronunciation and meaning while looking only at the character. Immediately check your work against the pronunciation and meaning that appear in the text. The Chinese Language Fact and Fantasy. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, Norman, Jerry.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Taylor, Insup and M. Martin Taylor. Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Philadelphia: John Benjamins Pub. How to Write the Characters The Chinese learn to write the characters by using an easy and effective method. The essential ingredient of this method is the fixed order in which the strokes of a character are written. Although Chinese people occasionally disagree among themselves about minor details, the method has been developed and perfected through centuries of experience.

Follow the stroke-order diagrams presented in this book in order to acquire the correct habits early, and remember to keep your characters uniform in size. The rules below explain the method in general. Top to bottom:. The Pronunciation of Chinese The system used in Reading and Writing Chinese to write romanized Chinese is the Hanyu Pinyin system which is standard in mainland China and is now used almost universally, too, in printed materials newspapers, magazines, books, textbooks , and so on—used, that is, whenever the writer wants, for some reason, to give a word or words in Roman letters.

The student should remember that Chinese is written with the characters, not with the Roman alphabet. The following letters are pronounced like the English sounds indicated: a except as described in 8, below , as in father; i, as in machine except when appearing immediately after u—see end of this paragraph—or when appearing immediately after c, ch, r, s, sh, z, or zh: see 9, below; o as in worn; ai in aisle; and ui, wei in weight 3. The following combinations are pronounced like the English sounds indicated: ao like ow in how; ou like o in so; and e except e after i or y: see point 8, below , like o in done.

The following letters are pronounced as explained: b, like p in spy; d, like t in sty; g like k in sky; that is, like English p, t, or k but with less aspiration compare with point 1, above ; 5. The following letters and combinations are pronounced as described: sh as in shred, tongue very far back; ch, tongue flat against roof of mouth, very far back; zh, like ch just described but with less breath; and r, tongue flat against roof of mouth, far back—like a j and r pronounced together. The following letters are pronounced as described: j, like English j but with tongue tip forward where teeth meet; q, like j just described with more breath; and x, tongue tip against back of lower teeth like a lisping English s.

The letter u when followed by another vowel or pair of vowels is pronounced like English w; the combination iu at the end of syllables is pronounced like the American greeting Yo! Many details, therefore, have not been worked out; the division into words is one of them. I recommend that the student follow the advice I used to give to my students at City University of Hong Kong: look it up in a good dictionary, like Han-Ying Cidian! As to the correct placement of tone-marks when a syllable has two or more vowel-letters in it, the situation is fairly simple, and practice and observation will help a great deal.

The letters a and e always get the tone-mark in combinations, and o always gets the tone-mark except when the combination is ao or iao, in which case the a gets it. When the i and u appear together—as in iu or ui— whichever one comes second gets the tone-mark. Tones result from changes in pitch which the speaker produces with the vocal xxiii. The difficulty of learning these tones has been much exaggerated. The way in which the speaker uses the vocal chords to change the pitch can be written on a musical staff, as below. Pitch will normally be somewhere near the center of the speaking voice and will vary according to the individual and to his or her mood.

The description of tones given here is the simplest and is the one most often presented in texts. It is intended to enable the student to pronounce words in isolation. In such cases in this book, the tone-marks have been omitted. We have indicated such changes in this book if the expression is a very common one. A few common words change their tone frequently, depending on the tone of the following word, and in these cases we have indicated the tone appropriate to each expression.

Problems of words in discourse are, however, more properly the subject for a textbook in modern spoken Chinese, which you are urged to consult for more specific information. LEFT radical 4. It occurs as an independent character. It is, however, the radical under which about 10 common characters are classified in modern dictionaries or in the indexes to modern dictionaries arranged phonetically, so the student should learn it. Not independent, but an important radical. GRASS radical In two of these, it appears with a slanted horizontal part and a longer vertical part, as in the next character.

The radical is 21, above. Compare with 24, below. This character is created more recently under the influence of European languages with gendered pronouns. Its resemblance to a gate may not be clear, but the traditional form see lower righthand corner of this frame clearly resembles the swinging saloon doors in old Westerns. Note this is not its etymology though. Not used independently now, it appears at the top of characters. ROOF radical 45 The character is a picture.

Suggest remembering the top stroke as a chimney. In older forms, it quite clearly resembles a child. NOSE radical 37 The radical was originally a picture of a nose. This is a good mnemonic to remember this character. STEP radical 62 From a picture of cross roads, the current radical form is corrupted. It occurs only as a part of characters. However these are stylized body parts and have no connection with fire. This character does not exist as an independent character. The form is modified slightly when this radical appears as a part of characters see 66, below.

LAME radical 53 This is a picture of two legs, one shorter than the other to suggest lameness. The horizontal stroke serves to emphasize the unequal length of the two legs. JADE radical [B] Originally this character was a picture of three disks of jade the horizontal strokes strung together on a string the vertical stroke. This is the phonetic in several common characters see 76, 78, 79 below. This radical does not occur as an independent character.

It often appears as part of characters for liquids. As a radical, it often occurs in characters for objects made of wood. The character is a picture. The point of the arrow is at the top, and the feathers and notch are at the bottom. A useful mnemonic, but not necessarily the etymology. MN So busy! The heart wants to flee! Compare with 19, p. HALT radical 47 The character was a picture of a foot halted at a crossroads. This character is a sound-meaning compound.

Neither radical has anything to do, semantically, with organs of hearing. As a prefix, it is used by sound-loan. Seldom used independently. Other meanings by sound-loan. Note that the traditional form also makes sense. Often in characters for various metals or metallic objects. In old forms, it is clearly three peaks sticking up. That has been lost in the modern simplified form. The right part suggests the sound. Original meaning might have been: rope made of silk.

EIGHT radical 24 [A] L1 There are a number of common modern characters in which this radical appears in the form , so the student should learn both forms. The form here is the independent form. EYE radical [A] This character is a picture. DISH radical A picture of a bowl. Cowries used to be money in ancient China. Consult a grammar e. As a part of characters, this radical often not always means that that character refers to an article of clothing.

See also the next character. Other forms in which this radical may appear, as part of characters, are and. A professional diviner applied heat to the shell until it cracked, then read the cracks to divine. As a radical, it appears at the top of characters. No pronunciation. Some say a chopping block to put sacrifices on, some say it is a picture of a penis. It appears as the sound element in a number of characters see below , where it has the value zu or cu. NET radical A picture of a net. It appears as a radical in about 20 modern characters, always at the top.

The pre-reform character see below had an eye watching the cowries money , making a pretty good meaningmeaning compound. Although this is more of a mnemonic than a real etymology. See , p. Not now in use as an independent character. The basket appears to be turned on its side, with the open top to the right.

Not in modern use as an independent character. Memorize it. As independent characters, they have different pronunciations and meanings—but as radicals they are grouped as one in modern dictionaries. Compare with the right-hand radical , p. Not in current use as an independent character. The earliest forms show a hand taking hold of a piece of meat—a symbol of having wealth. OR, What shall we do? Some say it is a picture of a pregnant woman.

Shaking hands Western style is, of course, right hand with right hand. The character is supposed to be a picture of a woman in irons. The relation of that to its present meaning is unclear. But the number of such non-representational radicals is small, and a little work should resolve it. WRAP radical 26 The character is a picture of a wrapper.

All good! These characters generally have to do with clothing. As part of the script-reform, it came to be identified as a separate radical. The candle burns for i hour, and is a favorite amongst royalty wishing to avoid unwanted heirs. The humanoid requires i round for every decade or part thereof asleep to fully recover. Each set Cold Candle Description: this candle appears to be made of clear blue ice, and is very cold to the touch.

A small black wick adorns the top and runs through the center of the icicle. Within ten minutes an area zo' in diameter reaches 30 degrees and stays at that temperature, regardless of what heat sources are present. Wax Mold Description: this yellow candle looks cheaply made and has a strong copper smell to it. Use: if the wax from this candle is poured over a key or other small metallic item that has been placed flat on a hard surface, the user can then crack the candle in half, exposing an exact duplicate of the original item.

The duplicate item is permanent, and the candle can only be Watchman's Candle Description: this dark blue candle is flecked with small metallic shavings. Use: if the candle is lit and placed within the mouth of a relatively fresh corpse dead for no more than 3 hours , the eyes of the corpse are filled with an unearthly yellow glow and an image of what the corpse saw in the last 30 seconds of their life is projected on a nearby surface within ten feet.

The view is that of the dead person, and they may not have necessarily seen what killed them, making the candle useless in directly identifying their killer. After the thirty seconds have passed, the corpse crumbles into ash. Timeless Flames Description: a series of six large candles that appear to be made of silver with a red silken wick. Use: when these six candles are lit and placed in a circle around a humanoid, the humanoid is forced into a deep magical slumber.

The candles will not burn out naturally, and the humanoid will remain asleep, suspended in time for as long as the burning 2,0. The Night Watch Description: this small candle is a golden metallic color, with a white wick and scarlet painted runes around the outer surface. It smells like sulfur and charcoal. Use: if the runes around the candle are read aloud they are in a language no one knows, but all understand , and several drops of blood from the reader are dripped upon the lit wick, a powerful Devil will be summoned forth from the nine hells. For one night sundown to sunrise , the devil will stand guard over the reader and protect him from all that attempts to him harm.

In return the devil takes a little portion of the reader's soul represented by 2 permanent hit points lost. The devil is unfathomably evil, but also terribly charismatic and cordial. The bargain is not official until the details are explained by the devil and a contract is signed by the reader.

The devil will not be overly upset if the reader has a change of heart; after all, he has the patience of an immortal being and plenty of opportunity to meet this little person again. A very brave and shrewd person may attempt to haggle more into the deal, but should beware that no creature in all of existence negotiates like a devil in search of a soul. It should also be noted that from that point on, there is a connection between the reader and that devil, no matter how tenuous and faint. It is not unheard of for a candle devil to reappear in a former reader's life again at some point, usually at a time of terrible strife, to try and work another deal out of them.

The inside is lined with soft treated Dragon gut. Illusion includes smell and sound. The Sniffer "A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous and liberal man. Bridei was historically known for having chronic sniffles but in reality it was the Poniard at his side. The Poniard blade is constructed of beautiful reflective steel.

IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF:

The golden handle ends in a giant bulbous nose. Special: This weapon detects Dragons up to 10 miles away. The nose at the end of the dagger animates like a magic mouth and sniffs louder the closer it comes to a Dragon. It is not possible to turn this ability off and the nose has been known to mistake gold that has been in the possession of a Dragon for quite some time as a Dragon itself. The Seafarer, c. It will glow under detect magic and feels unnaturally cold to the touch. Because of this property it ignores the effects of blink or etherealness.

The Ring of Eibon "From the pieces of the lightly shattered gem, the disemprisoned demon rose in the form of a smoky fire, small as a candle-flame at first, and greatening like the conflagration of piled fagots. Peering into the gemstone long enough one gains the impression of movement within. Upon smashing this ring the owner releases a Barbed Devil.

They have complete control over the demon for 2. Depending on the treatment of the demon it may or may not decide to come back for retribution from its captor. Thanks, P. COM "All pleasure and joy lies in treading down the rebel and conquering the enemy, in tearing him up by the root, in taking from him all that he has. The armies of the Fey appear everywhere their enemies are weak, but disappear into the night when outmatched. They attack with great swarms arrows from their bone bows that cut through even the finest steel and their shaman raise the newly dead to shamble forward into the fight again, or summon shadowy spirits to terrify and harry their enemies' flanks.

Feared much as a force of nature is, the Nekyia Fey are a nomadic people from the far wastes of the world, coming and going in search of pasture for their herds of sheep, horses and cattle. The Nekyia Fey appear to many outsiders as typical steppe barbarians, but they are far more dangerous than simple horsemen as Nekyia Fey have mastered the art of crafting with the energies of death, making their shamans magic workers of great potency.

Like all peoples of the shadow world, Nekyia Fey suffer when exposed to the bones of the terrestrial world, specifically iron and other hard metals. They work a small amount of copper, gold, and silver, for decorative purposes, but otherwise have no knowledge or use for metallurgy. Instead, the Nekyia have learned to craft their equipment, goods and weapons from the bones and life energies of their herd animals, hunting prey and enemies. Common Nekyia Fey armor is a bone lamellar often painted or lacquered , strengthened with the spirit of the creature whose bones it is crafted from.

Nekyia weapons are likewise crafted from the remains of creatures, and occasionally sentient beings, infused with their spirits to give the normally brittle bone strength and puissant properties. Each Nekyia war arrow contains the soul of a bird to give it swiftness, and every Nekyia tulwar or coat of jazeraint armor binds the spirit of a horse, bear or man. More impressive than crafted equipment containing bound spirits is armor formed from the magically animated remains of the dead. Entire suits of bone and hide warped and formed by magic to become undead armor, amplifying the strength and speed of the wearer.

The greatest of shaman armorers can go beyond the manufacture of material weapons and armor, and forge blades, bows and panoply from raw death energy and bound spirits. These ghost weapons are of great power and usually only worn or wielded by the Khans of the Nekyia Fey, or buried in their haunted kurgans, though a few pieces have survived capture without being destroyed as evil artifacts by more ignorant peoples. The spirits bound and trapped within the skins, furs and bones of Nekyia equipment often impart magical powers beyond the strengthening related to the death forging alone..

See Table on next page. Even weak shamanic crafters can fashion equipment of this quality and every Nekyia Fey warrior and all Nekyia Fey are warriors to a degree will have a sword, bow, quiver of arrows and lamellar, scale or jazeraint armor of AC 6 to AC 4. When more talented artisans have crafted this type of equipment the wearer or wielder will gain magical advantages from the spirit within, though this spirit is always that of an animal i-ix on above table , as human and monstrous spirits are truculent and unwilling to obey all but the strongest shaman.

All Spirit Bonded equipment is magical to a degree and effective against many supernatural creatures that ignore normal weapons. For game purposes death forged, bound spirit weapons should be treated as silver weapons for the purpose of striking weapon immune creatures. Unliving Armor will give the wearer an AC identical of that to platemail AC 3 and enhance the wearer's strength to These weapons will also harm creatures immune to non-magical attack.

The only negative effect associated with unliving equipment is that it and its wearer may be turned as if they were undead of Hit Dice Equal to the wearer's level. A result of "Destruction" will cause the armor to crumble and release the spirits within. In addition to crafting suits of undead armor, some shaman are able to directly invoke the powers of death to form suits of undead armor quickly in the field.

O c r Unliving Equipment: Made with greater art then the simple Bound Spirit Weapons and Armor of the common Nekyia warrior, Unliving equipment is itself undead and animated. Most commonly found in the form of magical armor made from the undead skeletons of several creatures or humans, this armor appears exoskeletal and offers Bone Panoply -LVL 1 MU Spell. Casting this spell quickly 1D6 rounds pulls the animated bones and flesh of nearby corpses apart and forms them into a suit of animated armor.

The caster may target any sentient they touch including themselves with this spell, and the armor will wrap itself around this target protecting them. The spell lasts for one day or until the caster's death. Using a fresh corpse the caster may form an animated suit of armor from the body. This flesh sack can wrap itself around any willing sentient of a smaller size than the original body, where, in addition to some protection AC 7 , it provides the target with the likeness of the corpse used. The wearer of the Flesh Sack will appear as the person whose body is used did in life and cannot be detected as an imposter by examination, even with magical means, though their behavior, speech and mannerisms will often give them away.

The Flesh Sack will last until its wearer decides to shed it or takes more than four points of damage, at which point it will collapse into a pile of revolting rotted slime. Phantom Equipment: Forged purely with death magics, Phantom Equipment appears as the glowing shadowy presence of armor or a weapon, and is formed only out of the trapped and shaped souls of the dead.

These immensely powerful items are beyond the arts of all but the greatest Nekyia Shaman to create. Phantom Armor provides the protection of full plate armor AC 2. Phantom Weapons are likewise extremely deadly, and strike ignoring non-magical armor AC 9 against humanoid opponents without magical armor. Beyond their innate power and the boons granted by the spirits trapped within Phantom weapons and armor most of these extremely rare items have additional enchantments, and many have very specific curses designed to allow only the "correct" sort of wielder or wearer, typically a Nekyia of the right rank and family.

I've produced fifty entries on a list, indexed by a dioo roll. There are ten of each. In most instances I've not included details of just how much is too much for someone to drink, in order to feel the effects. If anyone mixes their drinks though, particularly across the five groups, that would automatically trigger at least one of the hangover effects. Stay safe adventurers, know your limits, and always have a designated cart handler! Beers and Ciders 02, Stonegut Dwarf-brewed, thick with a malt and limestone after-taste. It the drinker is a dwari they will reel full and satisfied for dj days.

The beer is refreshing but aiso a iittie uusty. Marketing says it is made up north according to a family tradition, and given a whimsical name. Still, it is genuinely a nice drop. Throbbing headache above the left eye. Constantly dripping palms makes gripping some items challenging. Also, a very strange taste in the mouth for d8 days For dj weeks after over-indulging, the drinker will feel the need to drink every evening: save vs poison or unauie to recover n r unicaa urunK into a stupor.

His beer has an inconsistent flavour, and it packs a punch the morning after. Cheap though, he doesn't need the money following years of successful adventuring. A couple of pints of Ta-Rog's Best will give the drinker a full body headache for a day after waking II- McGrogan's Worst Brewed by a young amateur in a home brewery. Won Best In Show three years running Perfectly safe unless drinker drinks any other alcoholic drink within six hours of drinking it. Served in heavy stone flagons just because. Only a little buzzing headache greets the drinker. It burns when they pee for five days afterwards.

No - it really burns. At the start of each day, they must make three saves versus magic. Make two of those saves or lose roll dj : 1. Subtle hoppy flavours. A price is paid: for every two pints rounded up consumed, the drinker must make a save vs poison. Any failures and the drinker has violent diarrhoea for dj days and loses di points of CON. If the clear bottle has been kept in the dark, this is a refreshing and delightful cider made from dark pears.

If the contents have been exposed to light stronger than candlelight for even five minutes, they will have turned. The morning after, the drinker will find that they see in black and white in regular light, and only in almost perfect darkness will they see in colour. Every five days roll a dzo: on a 1, 2, or 3 normal vision will be restored in i, 2 or 3 days. The spider eggs hatch during the night, and the mini-arachnids dance under the skin of the drinker threading a tattoo of black web into the top layer.

Roll a d6 to see where the designs are concentrated head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. Red Wine 2. A fruity, delightful red grown in the south. Not to be confused with the ' Tastes great on the night, but the next day there is hell to pay. Baron Gormac's vineyards Eroduce a rich wine, mellowed y years of battles fought on the same ground. Connoisseurs debate about whether or not the wine tastes "teary". A demon appears to the drinker as their headache kicks in, demanding payment and verbally threatening them.

It follows them around, taunting and demanding. Is it real? Condition lasts for a day. Upon waking, magical paralysis hits. The drinker's eyes open and remain open. The drinker appears to be dead, no breath and stiff as a board. Simple healing spells won't work and ESP won't hear thoughts. A dark crimson fortified wine.

Quite rare to find, as it was kept As well as a pulsing throb behind the eyes, the drinker's brain now interprets hot as cold and vice versa. The wrong end of a torch will still burn, it will just feel lit Black Cellar Reserve The Black Cellar is the only pub for several hundred miles that has been able to obtain this wine, by trading exclusively with goat herding nomads from the Nenfort Trails. When the drinker wakes, their head feels funny, fuzzy. Thoughts don't come easy.

They lost 1 INT. Looking in a mirror they see that their whole body is covered with thick orange scales. They stand out in a crowd, their CON is a point higher and their bare skin is now like leather. For carrying purposes they are encumbered even when carrying nothing else. Aldus channelled everything he had learned as a mage into his vineyard, all that he got left in the divorce. He also dabbled in farming. Every day for a week at dawn the drinker lays an egg GM decides just how - and where - this happens.

Roll dio: 1. A regular hen's egg. It cracks and hatches to reveal a snake that tries to bite them. The egg contains d6 gold pieces from a faraway country. The egg has gone bad. The egg is covered in scales, but inside is a regular hen's egg. The egg has a black X. The drinker's back aches when they wake up. Upon standing they realise that their legs are invisible, disappearing roughly - and with some ickyness - at their hips. Fashionable to be seen drinking it. The drinker's face is alternating numb and sore. Their cheeks show tattoo markings that declare them to be a convicted thief in the distant city state of Nevezia.

White Wine and Rose 4. Hidden Blade Said to be made by a mad wizard for a long dead regent who wanted to give his bodyguards an edge. The mad wizard took that literally and made a passable bottle of fizz at the same time. Bestows a razor sharp tongue on the drinker: the end of the tongue is now sharp enough to cut flesh about an inch and a half of the tip. Daye Month Only made once every fifteen years during the leap day festivities.

Very yellow in colour. Tongue is yellow for 2. Clear with slight bubbles. Still, they produce a very fine sparkling wine. The drinker awakes to find that their hands have switched arms in the night. Oak-barrelled after an exceptional harvest. The drinker can now accurately understand the intentions of the first species of animal they see while hungover persistent headache until animal is seen. Effect lasts until the next solstice. Note that this is not true telepathy. Large groups of the species may provide overwhelming brain dumps of insight.

T3- H Corusco ' A passable vintage. A lot of rain during the summer really diluted the grapes. The drinker believes they can now accurately hear the thoughts of the first species of animal seen whilst hungover persistent headache until animal is seen. Effect is not real - the drinker cannot actually hear thoughts, these are delusions. Perhaps the drinker can be convinced that they are delusions, but they will still hear the voices. The drinker's head is fuzzy and their tongue feels half a size too big for their head.

For the next 2. It's taken a very long process of iteration, but the wine is ready and very passable. The drinker has a terrible stretching sensation in their left hand when they wake up. They have developed an extra knuckle for every finger on the hand. This may provide an advantage gripping things in some situations, but the change is very noticeable and may raise eyebrows and questions. All that remains is the great libraries of the vineyard, where master winemakers would deposit samples and descriptions of processes for making great wines. Denvian Rose is the first resurrected wine of the lost city.

An absolutely pounding headache greets the drinker the morning after the night before. A blood red eye has opened on their forehead, and stares disinterestedly at most of the world. Roll d6. The drinker now sees a reddish-pink aura around: 1. Locks that are locked. Poison, r. Friendly dogs. Shots and Spirits Lover's Courage Traditional alcoholic herbal remedy, used to inspire piucit. For one week after drinking, any time the drinker tries to talk to any person who they have any attraction to, they will feel butterflies in their stomach.

Save versus magic, or they cough up 2-dio small shiny butterflies which will swarm the other person. CU and beaten, and served in a shallow bowl. Supposedly a good luck charm. A pinching sensation between the eyes for 6d8 hours. For all this time, any "bad luck" superstitions will have a real effect on the drinker if encountered. Sweat is difficult to wash off, but passes naturally after four days.

Seven slivers of coloured only-just-liquid jelly in a glass. Goes down smoothly. Very few people know what's in it. Seven suspensions of the same alcohol with coloured dye, the only real difference is the parasite in each sliver, each of a different species. Effect of shot depends on which one survives. When the drinker awakes roll d8: 1. All body hair falls out. Until little beetles start pouring out of ears d4 days later. Skin turns to the colour of the sky on a stormy day.

Permanent change. Profound halitosis. Roll twice as two parasites survive. An acquired taste. The drinker wakes and feels very stiff around their joints. The sediments in the spirit harden bone, reducing mobility by a DEX point for every three shots consumed rounded up. They also make someone tougher to hurt: attackers' weapons hit a dice size smaller than normal. Extremely strong. Fifty years ago was used as anaesthetic and preserving fluid. Difficult to obtain, mainly due to the high cost of the A dark whiskey that burns as you drink it, but leaves you wanting more.

A mild pulse between the eyes is the first pain the drinker feels. The second, as they stand, is the wrenching agony as their knees bend freely backwards. Otherwise, they will need to keep their legs straight for another week. The drinker experiences a persistent pain at the base of the spine for a day and a night afterwards. Every other day for the next month, drinker must save versus magic at noon: if roll fails, within an hour a normal-sized mousetail has sprouted just above their buttocks. Cutting off a tail results in two more growing back on the drinker's forearms. The drinker now has a profound fear of the dark, and will not willingly enter any area without adequate lighting.

There is a sparkle in the drinker's eye and in their heart. Whenever they see gold or silver on a surface but not actively being held by someone or known to be in a container they must make a save versus magic or feel compelled to take the precious stuff. However, whenever encountering a beggar or street child they must make a save versus magic with a penalty of if they fail the save they will be compelled to give all of their treasure to the poor person.

Effects last until they have given away items or coin worth a total of j of the local currency. The warning label is written in a script and style that is incoherent The drinker is gradually wakened with only a slight buzzing head to the sensation of their fingers and toes clicking.

This is the number of fingers and toes that have swapped places in the night an observer would see them wriggling and crawling like worms or insects. Toes go to hands and fingers go to feet. Every night, when the drinker sleeps, one pair swap back to their original positions. Cocktails 82 A measure of holy water and two of consecrated wine, plus a secret spirit. Historically served in broken holy water bottles that have been used in If the full cocktail is consumed by one person within the space of two hours, they will immediately fall into a coma for a day and a night.

DM's discretion as to whether or not this has any effect on CHA. The amount of alcohol in the cocktail holds off the awful, but tasty, poisons. All six shots need to be taken. Each point lost takes dj days to recover. Delivers a feeling of euphoria. A banging headache is the least of the drinker's worries. On waking one of their hands will be curled into a claw. The effect lasts until the next full moon. The drinker wakes the next morning with an intense pain on one side of their head. As they sit up, they realise that they are bleeding - one of their ears is gone and they are deaf.

Warty- Rooster Gravelberries are stirred through vodka, cranberry juice and the yolk of a day old egg. A very, very old recipe. A slight pressure behind the drinker's eyes. They are the apple of their eye, their life, their song, their everything. This attraction will persist until either a severe blow to the head or they propose marriage. Horny Old Drunkard A mix of ice, spirits and apple cider, served in a carved ram's horn. They are the same colour as the player s natural hair colour.

Served in a pitcher with four glasses, three in i umbrellas and no refunds. A random sixth level spell is scarred into the brain of the drinker. If cast it effects as if cast by a ij-th level magic user and is lost. As long as the spell remains in the drinker's head, every night the intelligence tries to take possession of the drinker. Roll dio: on a 1, the spell is lost and the intelligence has lost its window.

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The intelligence will puppet them for It then realises that ours is a small and crappy reality and withdraws, leaving the drinker to deal with the fallout. If made with salt, this drink is just a bit gross, but surprisingly tasty. If they don't, they lose a point of CON and spend the day with a serious migraine. The correct holy rites will remove this affliction. Go on. Taste it. Can you name the four ingredients? The first person to do so drinks for free at the Spiteful Mistress in Wetham for life. Every night at sunset, the drinker gets a sharp headache that only lasts a moment.

Drinker rolls dio: if the result is greater than or equal to their INT they are fine, the headache fades. If less then they shapeshift which takes two minutes. The resulting form is a quadrupedal beast. They remain intelligent and can even talk after a fashion. The beast is a new thing in the world, unseen before. The drinker will revert back at midnight. Each shapeshifting incident produces a different form. DMs, be inventive! Distillate of Nacre-Pearl. Properly focussed lenses, a cloudless night, and ether of submlimation is sufficient for that task. No, the real difficulty is managing to distill and contain their aetherial ooze, since the stuff is both caustic and mutagenic - oh, and it's invisible, too.

But properly prepared, it is useful for all manner of transformative applications. Don't drink it. Gnomonic Differential Engine. The diggers found it in a lead box underneath the foundation ofthe Temple of Aspurugal, had one look and took to their heels. We literally had to coax them out of the trees, and it was days before they were willing to start work at the site again. Still, for all the trouble it caused, the thing is dashed useful.

So far we've determined that it is capable of calculating dimensional and temporal variances to a much higher degree of accuracy than our previous methods. The nosebleeds are, frankly, a small price to pay, and I'm confident that we're close to figuring out exactly where or when Frobisher ended up. Refined Chralcite "The adverse effects of raw chralcite on humanoid anatomy are well-documented. Duergar have used the powdered ore as a poison for several thousand years, as they seem to have more resistance to the uncontrolled bone and tissue growth that normally results from exposure.

Through the expenditure of several thousand slaves, we've been able to formulate a process for refining raw chralcite into a purer, more concentrated form. Most of the work is done using golems, but several stages seem to require living creatures - we're not exactly sure why that is. Protoplasmid ooze "Many of the larger oozes, slimes and jellies which can be found in the dungeon or subterranean environment appear to owe their existence to specific types of underworld "emanations" or "radiations". Exposing living humanoid fetal material to these radiations has generated a variety of interesting results, although it has proven universally fatal to the maternal host.

Protoplasmid ooze, particularly, has an alarming degree of sentience, which seems to extend to the entire sample, regardless of how many times it is divided, and the distance between the components. Possible further research into its application in telepathy, clairvoyance and trans-substantiation is required. Tendril-Moss "The presence of Tendril-Moss is considered by many to be one of the best indicators of dimensional "thinning" or Far Realm contamination.

Growing in a thick mat which extends outward in circular patterns, it appears in a variety of colors. In all cases, it is composed of thousands of tiny, writhing tendrils or tentacles. The tendrils to attach themselves to whatever comes in contact with them, and the effects seem to vary depending on the size and color of the particular patch. In any case, the effects are rarely beneficial, and occasionally spectacularly fatal. Tendril-moss rarely lives for very long if removed from the area where it grows, but it can be used to considerable effect as a component in spells or potions related to teleportation or planar travel.

White-Bone Amulets "Troops returning from the abortive expedition reported taking huge losses from single attackers, unclad save for singular amulets. According to them, the wearers of the amulets could only be killed by total destruction of their bodies, often by magi. It appears to be formed from a single piece of smooth white material, like bone but considerably harder, and twisted into a shape which has been described as "disturbing" by most viewers. Anywhere I go in the tower.

Arctic Heart / Le Secret des banquises (2016) - Trailer (French)

It won't stop staring. I did what the whispers said. I made the crystal sphere. I invited the darkness into it. I sang the songs and fed it fresh eyes. Why won't it stop staring? Atropal Umbilicus "We know from the existence of the Atropal that Deities have a gestational period, for lack of a better term. It follows then that there is some structure that feeds them belief or power or whatever it is that sustains a Deity. This structure could then be manifested and used as a power conduit, at least, metaphorically it could. Of course, in this line of work, metaphorical possibilities are good enough, aren't they?

Malentropic Cube "Entropy is a simple concept. It is the tendency of chaos or noise to increase in any system. Malentropy is a bit trickier. Fortunately, we have the Malentropic Cube, which allows us to capture the malentropy within a specific area in preparation for a major working, substantially reducing the possibility of catastrophic results. Of course, the malentropy eventually works it's way out of the multi- dimensional refraction that the Cube creates. This makes it essential that the cube be disposed of quickly, usually via a short-duration dimensio- temporal rift What's that?

Where does the rift lead? I hardly see how that matters. Ghaxian Spawn "Ghaxii are most commonly encountered in areas of high necrotic contamination. Whether they are undead or highly corrupted living creatures is unclear, but they often pose a significant hazard to exploration and research of these areas, and are very resistant to standard methods of necromantic control. To mitigate this danger, I have developed a modified rot grub which attaches itself to Ghaxii, rendering them more vulnerable to necromantic manipulation.

Further experimentation has proven that the effects of Ghaxian spawn can be extended to both living creatures and most corporeal undead. It does effect something of a time limit, though, as the reproduction rate of Ghaxian spawn is somewhat Thaumaturgic chiaroscuro "A daub here and a daub there. Light to shadows and shadows to night and soforth Just a bit on the places that you want to be thinner, and lo, away it goes and through you go.

Easy to make, too. Just have to figure out the right people to burn. I mean things. The right things to burn. And the fuel to use, of course.

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That's important too. Lich Powder "Consider then, the lich. Impregnated with arcane and necrotic energy. Bursting with power and useful in so many applications. And all you have to do is sweep up the corners of a place that the foul thing has spent time in. Of course, some braver souls like to ah, harvest directly from the source. I prefer to use the repeated application of Thunderwaves, myself, along with a suitably hard surface.

Chronotempal Fluid "Time, as they say, is fluid. It moves at different speeds during different activities, this much is evident. But the application of time's fluidity to spellcasting is quite difficult. First the time must be separated from the main flow, then condensed into a storable form. This is generally accomplished using very large structures designed to create time-eddies where the Chronotempal fluid slowly forms.

The liquid is extremely useful for changing the rate of time flow. Sphere Shards "The glory of the crystal spheres are only matched by their cold indifference to all life. Vast, crystalline deserts - lifeless and eternal. Beautiful in a chill way.


Only the most vast stellar impacts can damage them, and the damage is repaired quickly. Sometimes, though, it is possible to find tiny fragments of those ancient catastrophes floating in the phlogiston. Used in conjunction with spellcasting, they enhance durability and duration of created items to a large extent. They also hunger for the ancient silence and cold - so keeping them in close proximity can have unhealthy consequences.

Any useful material created out of trash or reclaimed materials is called such, and we laugh into our beer at the foolishness of our foes. But consider. True goblinite is steel forged from the weapons of the fallen. Soaked in blood and wickedness, then lifted from their dead hands with their dying curses still echoing upon it, to be reforged in fire. There is power there. Power and darkest wickedness both. Terror-leaves "The plants grow in the deepest reaches of the forest, where light does not pass through the layers of branches, leaves and vines.

They coil in the dark, black limbs crawling and spines glistening with the blood of anything unlucky enough to stumble across it.

You can grow it if you keep it in perfect blackness, keep it warm and feed it blood. The leaves make a most effective addition to spells of healing and harming, but I advise against keeping it in the same room where you sleep. They can be disturbingly motile on moonless nights. Slake-Larvae Powder "Fat, colorful caterpillars, and remarkable hard to acquire. Properly dried and powdered, they can allow access to powerful visions, including the aetherial and astral planes. The powder is addictive, though, and extended use alerts the parents.

Which is by any measure a Very Bad Thing. Wonders of The Torque - Elrubon Vinchesse ip. Hesperian Seeds "The mundane appearance belies the precious nature of these little beauties. Seeds, yes. Observe them carefully. See how perfectly symmetrical and identical they are? Precious indeed, for these are the very seeds of an Apple of the Hesperides.

Yes, a Golden Apple of Immortality, sadly now devoured. But these beauties remain, and properly prepared, they are essential ingredients for potions to extend life. Limited offer, expires soon. Dragon Teeth "We worked for weeks, criss-crossing the Dragonspine Mountains, searching for the spot from the the painting.

We finally found the valley, then excavated. After 6 days of digging, we found it - the buried flank of a beast of unimaginable size. It took days more to extract a handful of the scales, then to fill the hole back it. We've researched the things extensively, and it seems more and more likely that the legends aren't wrong, exactly, just inaccurate. They aren't Dragon's Teeth, they're scales. And I'm beginning to suspect that it isn't a Dragon, either, but perhaps something older and more terrible indeed.

Arcane Spindle "I don't know exactly where it came from. I don't. It was just Here one day. Or maybe it was always here and I just noticed it for the first time. It's very useful, though. Takes a spell right apart if you cast it through the lenses, lets you look at all the pieces and see how it's put together. How big was it when I first noticed it? About as big as it is now. Well, a bit smaller. Actually quite a bit smaller.

Likely it would have been able to fit through the door, at least. Petrus Salinger, am in God's good graces, free from the toil of the mortal world. If you are reading this, you will probably be living in the aforementioned world. I had made it my life's mission to be the silent sword of the Church and destroy the Devil's Minions that encroach upon humanity's peace.

Upon my death, these journals are to be distributed to other members of my profession so that I may continue in my purpose posthumously. This is the third volume of my work recounting the use of substances harvested from the very monsters that try to kill us. May you give life to the flock you protect and deal a swift death to those beings that walk the shadows. Vampires Blood -Ingestion: The blood of this accursed creature is fouled by the very sin of his existence and should not be consumed, for that is half of the way the devil creates another of its kind.

The vampire would also need to drink of the human's blood to fully consummate the curse. Survivors we had rescued in the middle of this process retained some attributes of the monster for what has been recorded as anywhere from two to eight hours. Feats of speed and acrobatics came easily, healing tremendously quickly, and they could mesmerize people for almost a quarter of an hour provided the victim was not disturbed. They suffered some minor discomfort from entering homes uninvited, the presence of crucifixes, crossing running water, and of course, sunlight. Dealing with one of these half breeds is as simple and yet still as dangerous as dealing with a normal vampire, a wooden stake to the heart or the complete removal of the head with a clove of garlic in his mouth.

I have had the acquaintance of an Italian by the name of Diopede who utilized the blood of the vampire in his crusade against evil. I must assure you that this is neither a path you should travel upon nor one you can easily return from. He began with drinking the blood ironically enough but he soon found injecting the blood to be far more potent. He diffused it in pungent essential oils and parfums like rosewater and garlic juice to add fluidity to the clotted samples of blood he collected. He was as quick as lightning and was agile enough that he could run unto the ceiling.

He recovered from fatal wounds as quick as the monsters and I had known him to be able to grow a hand back after injecting what would be a deadly amount for anyone else. He Dear Santicore, I would like Thanks, R. He could have near complete control over anyone he mesmerized and could continue to do so as long as Diopede continued to inject his concoction. His eyes took a red tinge to them, his palms grew hairy, and his teeth became as sharp as those of a lion. The results lasted half as long as ingesting the blood and, dear lord, the costs were dire.

He could no longer enter homes without permission, cross running water without being unconscious, or even hold a crucifix. He had a strange habit of counting small objects spilt to the floor. The return to humanity left him in a near catatonic state for a few hours especially after large doses. I lost contact with Diopede after the Prague incident. I fear the worse and that he's succumb to the power of his unholy elixirs. Who knows who will be hunting whom the next we meet.

I have a horrendous scar about the left of my neck that has me wearing scarves to this day. I had received it in a confrontation against a very old vampire named Barrowman while hunting one of his fledgling vampires. In desperation, I had rubbed some of his blood on my wound to try and take advantage of its healing properties. The wound closed but to my dismay, it linked me forever the monster who fled the fight in my stricken condition.

What I took as the natural ache of having your throat torn out was, in fact, the ache of longing from my new stolen flesh.

The Body, World of Deities According to the Chart for the Cultivation of Perfection

The scar sang whenever I was close to Barrowman while pursuing him through Kiev and I felt lesser pangs from every other vampire I had encountered through the years. I never saw Barrowman again but felt his presence again in Paris of all places some is years later. My throat is almost always cold. Teeth -Implantation-. It has been observed that the wounds that are inflicted by the teeth of a vampire unto another seem to heal at a substantially lower pace than the devilish norm.

A doctor at Oxford had once conducted an experiment which involved implanting the teeth of a vampire into a dog in hopes of creating some sort of vampire hunting hound. After a short recovery period, he ran some diagnostic tests. It did not seem to be affected by any of the curses that vampire suffered but its bloodlust was insatiable. May be a man could control his urges better but I am glad the doctor did not try.

The dog eventually got loose and killed the son of the doctor, who in turn killed the dog and then himself. An ordinary rifle shot worked for the both of them. Whether used as rounds for a pistol or broken up into musket shot, the ability of the tooth to negate the vampire's healing capabilities makes it a formidable weapon against them. Werewolves Blood -Ingestion-. Almost all of my knowledge of werewolves comes from my only trip to Lapland. There I stayed with an elderly Swede named Hellstrom while I conducted my research of the forest women known as the Huldra.

He lived in a remote cabin in the northmost region of the country but he appeared to run a fairly popular sort of fantastical apothecary out of his home. I was told by our mutual contact that he was an ally of the cause but to this day I am uncertain. One of the wares Hellstrom tried to sell me incessantly was werewolf blood. He claimed that if consumed, it gave a man an incredible hunger for meat, the rarer the better. He claimed that it prevented women from getting pregnant.

Hellstrom claimed a great many things but I had the feeling that he was merely trying to tempt me. On one of the last days there, he told me that it was a great aphrodisiac and gave me a peculiar look. I spent the rest of the trip locked in my room. The smile that was usually painted on his face instantly disappeared and was replaced with a look of sheer horror. He told me that injecting the blood would be like receiving a bite from the werewolf himself.

He described a man doing so and turning into a monstrously sized wolf. He said there was little or no control to be had, that the man would be ruled by his animalistic instincts. It would only work during full moons, so there was that to be thankful for. I asked of how he knew such things but he grew ever quieter. When I left the following week, I could have sworn I heard howling in the distance. Pelt There is a page from the journal of a 17th century abbot who is said to have resided on the outskirts of Sligo.

The journal entry described a man known to him as Callahan, a hard man with the look of an eagle about him. It goes on to claim that he had slain a werewolf in the defense of a lamb. He had taken the pelt of the wolf and used it as a cloak. The abbot wrote that Callahan walked amongst the wolPs pack without too much suspicion until the moment he drew his axe. This is the only known record of werewolves on the British Isles. Revenants Blood -Ingestion: There have been a large amount of reports coming from the Congo of men being brought back from the dead to wreak havoc on any European they can catch.

They say that these creatures have been raised by witch doctors, that they have demonic strength and suffer no fatigue. Hunters like myself have been sent to deal with these revenants and the witches themselves but deep in the heart of the African jungle, they say it is like pursuing ghosts. A few of my allies have turned mad in their efforts and some have tried to consume the blood and flesh of the dead me.

Drinking their blood leaves the hunter in an unconscious state for several hours with no hope of waking them. One hunter tried drinking a near gallon of the extract and appeared to fall dead instantly. His expedition crew only discovered otherwise when he awoke three days later during his own funeral. Of course being dead man's blood, it was the actual benefit of being a deadly poison to vampires. Limbs -Implantation: A man by the name of Sunday lost his arm in a struggle against one of these creatures.

According to rumors, he quite literally singlehandedly defeated both the revenant and the witch doctor. He somehow managed to "convince" the witch doctor into replacing the arm he lost with that of the dead man's. He could use the strength of the revenant though his hand did try to strangle him from time to time. Others have tried to replicate his success and some have even succeeded. Even a good number of the successful met with the rot spreading from their stolen limbs and into their body, eventually turning them into walking corpses. Golems Blood -Injection: After the unliving has been made into flesh, it creates within in itself a strange black liquid that could only be classified as it's blood.

After the infamous works of the Maharal, Prague has been a city afflicted with attempts to create life from nothing. Diopede and I were dispatched there to deal with a quite frequent number of doppelgangers in the area when we stumbled upon Tucker's workshop. Tucker was twisted man, obsessed with the pseudo-science of alchemy and twisting the Holy Scripture to aid him in creating golems. We apprehended him but not before he had convinced Diopede to swallow the murkish black water that Tucker had been draining out of what appeared to be a naked dog.

As he wiped his mouth, he began to cough and shake. He spit out his teeth and began to shed his flesh and hair. Where Diopede stood was now a young woman in awe of her new form. Tucker went on to explain to Diopede that it would only last for a day and he could transform into anyone he wanted.

I saw the look in Diopede's eyes. I knew he would never be the same. Seal Seal: The Maharal's golem was famously controlled by feeding it instructions on paper but it's a little known fact that it only obeyed instructions with the Maharal's seal.