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Save to wishlist. Simply click on a letter below to see a list of relevant regions that graphically link to stories and the occasional in-house interview. As with any project covering the entire world, assembling an anthology on this scale required a few allowances in its methods. Only three of its criteria are therefore invariable—every piece had to be written in or translated into English; every writer had to be native to the country represented no expats ; and all member states of the United Nations had to be present.

The variety of prose and the political states of regions found here is an indicator of the many geo-socio-literary challenges that presented themselves as the Global Anthology developed.

Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology

It was just as difficult, say, to find a writer from the Central African Republic, as it was to choose a single American author to represent the country. We sought to feature as many under-known and contemporary writers to English and Western readers as we could, often cold emailing people after hours of Google sleuthing. In cases where we were able to make contact and received permission to translate and publish their work, we would then conduct interviews with these writers for the site.

William A. Stanley: Three Short, Happy Months. Collingwood: Mountain-Worship. Herbert C. Hoover: Stanford University, — Part II: Interpreting the Earth. George G. Simpson: Historical Science.

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Stephen Jay Gould: What is a Species?. Christine Turner: Messages in Stone. Marcia G. The Fossil Record. Rhodes: Earth and Man. Donald Culross Peattie: Flowering Earth. Robert Claiborne: Habits and Habitats. James A. Michener: Diplodocus, the Dinosaur. Richard E.

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Leakey: Ape-like Ancestors. Loren Eiseley: The Relic Men. David Attenborough: The Living Planet.

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William Glen: The Road to Jaramillo. Richard H. Jahns: Geologic Jeopardy. William Irvine: Apes, Angels, and Victorians. William L. Straus, Jr. Howard S. Miller: Fossils and Free Enterprisers. Don E.

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Wilhelms: To a Rocky Moon. Joel L. Swerdlow: CFCs. Isak Dinesen: Out of Africa. Lawrence: Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Ernest Hemingway: Green Hills of Africa. Mark Twain: Roughing It.

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John McPhee: Basin and Range. John Darnton: Neanderthal. Kim Stanley Robinson: Antarctica. Sir Archibald Geikie: Landscape and Literature. William Wordsworth: The Excursion. Voltaire: The Lisbon Earthquake. Rafinesque: The Fountains of the Earth.

Language of the Earth A Literary Anthology 2nd Edition

Timothy A. Conrad: To a Trilobite. Housman: A Shropshire Lad. Andrew C.

Pan-American Poems: an anthology

Lawson: Mente et Malleo. John Stuart Blackie: Selected poems. Ammons: Selected poems. Charles Simic: Stone. Barbarese: Fossils. Jane Hirshfield: Rock. Jacquetta Hawkes: A Land: Sculpture. Jack Burnham: Beyond Modern Sculpture. Diane Ackerman: Earth Calling. Human History. John D.

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  • Ridge: Minerals and World History. Jacquetta Hawkes: A Land: Architecture. Donald F. Eschman and Melvin G. Douglas W. Johnson: Topography and Strategy in the War. John McPhee: Geology and Crime. Kenneth E. Watt: Tambora and Krakatau.

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    Harlow Shapley: Breathing the Future and the Past. Rachel L. Carson: Wealth from the Salt Seas.