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Not just because it seems like her best friend has found a newer, blonder best friend. Or the fact that her home life is shaken up by the death of her dadima. Or even that her dad is the new stay-at-home parent, leading her mother to spend most of her time at work. With everyone around her focused on other things, Karma is left to figure out what to make of her terrifyingly hairy surprise all on her own. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Plus, receive recommendations for your next Book Club read.

By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Kristi Wientge is originally from Ohio where she grew up writing stories about animals and, her favorite, a jet-setting mouse. After studying to become a teacher for children with special needs, she spent several years exploring the world from China to England, teaching her students everything from English to how to flip their eyelids inside out. With the help of her mother-in-law, she can now make a mean curry and a super-speedy saag.

Growing up in a Punjabi household and having facial hair at the same age as Karma, her story and hardships sounded very similar to mine I will most definitely be sharing this book, story and the lessons inside it to my younger siblings and future children. Readers will enjoy seeing how Karma navigates the complexities of adolescence, middle school, and the 17 hairs on her upper lip in this realistic and humorous story of new friendships and family support. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love.

Sign up and get a free eBook! Trade Paperback. Hardcover eBook. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. The orange ties of his Karma Is Served apron clashed with the pale green of his turban. This entire summer the universe had been against me. The hair on my face just happened to be the most recent tragedy. On the other hand, if somebodygave you numerous punches, would you return thegesture with a gift or a smile?

We human beings knowthat our behaviour, attitudes, and reactions areimpacted by the actions of other people. We returngood for good and evil for evil. Sometimes, we see bad things happening to goodpeople and we forget that it is nothing but the Law ofKarma in action. The law is unfolding as per our ownpast actions. And the bad things that are happening areonly our own bad actions coming back to us. Maybethese actions are of a distant past — forgotten andunknown, but the Law of Karma makes no mistake.

Itdoesn't know how to reward bad actions and to punishthe good ones. It is a perfect cosmic law, and just likethe Sun does not forget to appear in the morning, theLaw of Karma doesn't forget its duty. It will never happen because the Law of Gravitywill always be in force as an integral part of the cosmiclaws that govern the universe. So will the Law ofKarma always rule the world. It is just a bend, and the lawcontinues to record our actions as we move on toanother life. Therefore, when a new-born suffers fromserious disabilities, we are unable to comprehend why.

We do not realize that the infant is carrying with itloads of bad Karma that needs to be negated. The birthof this child who is suffering is required to happen forthe Law of Karma to compensate and redeem the pastactions of a person. We human beings don't realize thatwe never die. The body dies. That is why when a person dies, we saythat the person has passed away or departed. Wherehas that person departed to? Since we don't haveanswers to such questions, we close the discussion.

That doesn't end the story of Karma. Some people are born in rich families and some inpoverty. Does this happen at random? Of coursenot. The Law of Karma controls birth, and we are bornbased on our past Karma. We live in a body, and whilethat body dies and disintegrates, our Karma getsrecorded, based on which we are reborn in a new body. Since these are complicated phenomena and areknown more by inference than proof, most of us ignorethe existence of the Karmic Law. This, however, doesnot do away with its existence.

As commonly understood, we are a combination of agross physical body, a subtle invisible body and lifeenergy often referred to as the soul. The gross bodydies. But we - the subtle body or the inner instrument,comprising the mind, memory, intellect, and ego -continue our journey to a life beyond. One may or maynot believe in rebirth. But the Law of Karma forces us torealize that there is no other option.

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As long as we liveas an ego and a mind that has a body, we performactions and we are governed by the Law of Karma. Ouractions are recorded, and although we leave ourphysical body and move on, we carry our Karma intoour next life and enjoy our good deeds or get punishedfor our past sins as we adorn a new body. Who actually enjoys Karma? As long as we are alive, itseems that we, a body-mind-soul complex, are therecipients of Karma. But what happens after death?

The body is no more. Who then enjoys the Karma? While the body dies, the mind and the ego continuetheir journey by being born in a new body. They carrythe Karma of not just the life that has ended, but also allprevious lives. In fact, even the body, which just died,transmitted all its experience to ME, while it was alive. The ME never dies. It keeps reappearing in a new bodyand creates Karma that accumulates birth after birth.

Infact, it is based on the accumulated Karma that the MEis assigned a new birth on earth. We human beings don't understand the Law of Karma.

We don't actually realize what life is and that Karma isone way to decode the meaning of life. Of course, thereis a lot more to realize in terms of the self and theCreator, but being oblivious to the Law of Karma orbeing indifferent to the Law of Action and Reaction is asure way to live and die in misery. Don't we see that thisworld is full of suffering? And while we pass byhappiness and unhappiness in the merry-go-round oflife, we eventually grow old, get sick, suffer and die.

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The Law of Karma isnot out to punish us. It is not punitive, it is reformative. Some people don't understand Karma at all. The Creator is super-intelligent andhe has not made us to exist like puppets. We are giftedwith intelligence and have a choice to live a life inwhich we can choose to do good or bad.

However, wemust try to understand the Law of Karma as we live. Whatever has happened in our past life or lives is like aroad or a highway in our present life, which is alreadypaved. Our past actions have built this road. Whether itis a dirt track or a high-speed highway is determined byour past actions. This cannot be changed. We can drive the way we want to. We have beengiven an intellect and willpower to choose. Whateverwe do, our present actions will determine the next roadthat we will arrive at in the future.

It is our own Karmathat will determine our future circumstances. Such isthe Law of Karma. Whatever our present is not magic It may be good, it may be tragic It depends on what we did in the past, Karma will decide until when it will last. Summary How does the Law of Karma work? And that they come back to us! Nothing happens by LUCK. Everything unfolds as per the Law all Karma! Based on its accumulated Karma, the ME is assigned a new birth. Everything that happens is not predestined.

Our past actions determine our present circumstances and our present actions will control our future. While there is no proof that the Law of Karma exists,there is no doubt whatsoever that such a law is in placein the universe. The simple fact that all actions areorganised in a reciprocated manner infers that such alaw is in place. The law of the boomerang, cause andeffect, action and reaction consistently recurs on earth.

If there was no law, it would be apparent in everythingthat happened around us. There would be applesgrowing on coconut trees. This Universal Law ensuresorder and organizes every effect based on its cause. It would be ridiculous to think that everything that ishappening in our life is just happening by chance as arandom phenomenon. Everything that happens is areaction to a chain of actions. The world would be achaotic jungle without the Law of Karma.

Does Karma actually exist? Every reaction is based on an action andevery effect on a cause. The unique feature of the Lawof Karma is that several of our actions are so distant thatwe don't even remember them. Sometimes, they areactions of our previous life and our memory fails torecollect past-life events. But the Law of Karma makesno mistake.

It is a Universal cosmic law.

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  5. Just like theLaw of Gravity does not make a mistake and severalcosmic laws continue in perfection, the Law of Karmatoo does not forget to execute and respond to everyaction. Imagine we plant some seeds, say apples, andthen we start hoping and wishing that we getstrawberries, cherries or even peaches in return. Howmuch ever we hope for another fruit, it shall not appear. If it did, it would infer that there is no law like Karma. But we can see all around us that the Law of Action andReaction prevails. We cannot deny its existence.

    Sceptics will still question the existence of this law andask for proof. The world knows that some things can beproved and some can be inferred. A young boy once questioned his mother on the existence ofKarma. How could he believe something that he could notsee! She wasbusy cooking at that time, and the spoon in her hand wassteaming hot. She took the spoon from the pan and put itinside his mouth. He winced in pain. I know it! We cannot deny the existence of certain things. I don'tneed to prove that I have a nose on my face, I know it isthere. Such is the Law of Karma. Some people ignore the power of this law.

    Karmadoesn't just work during our life time, it also worksbeyond death. How is this possible? Karma is action. Action is motivated by thought. Therefore, it is not justthe body that is responsible for Karma, but also themind. Our body suffers and enjoys as much as theKarmic Law decides it should. Our body may suffersome of the Karma earned by the mind in its previouslife journey just as the body may escape some of theKarma of its present actions.

    These Karmas are not lostbut are carried forward for the mind to experience andnegate in its next life in a new body. Ram was an honest and a sincere carpenter. He dideverything in his power to avoid hurting anyone orcommitting sins. While he was cutting some wood in amachine one day, his hands got caught in it and got cut.

    I have not done a single bad deedin my life. You killed hundreds of animalsevery day. The mind of Shyam is reborn as you, Ram. Therefore,now you are suffering the Karma of Shyam. Don't worry Ram. You will be born asa king in your next life. The body may experienceKarma that the mind had performed through a bodythat it occupied earlier.

    Therefore, it is not the Karma ofthis body, but of this mind. This mind performed someactions when it occupied another body in its previouslife. Nowthe mind has a new body, which is going to experiencethe Karmas that the mind performed in its past life. What happens at death?

    We know that when a persondies, only the body dies; therefore, we say the personhas departed, expired, passed away, or moved on. What does this mean? We see that person's body infront of our eyes, but we know that this body is not theperson who was alive. This is only the dead body ofthat person. Where did the person go? Soon we see someone new entering fromthe other door. We don't know where this person iscoming from, but obviously there is some connectionbetween those who are going and the ones who arecoming.

    Death is not the end.

    GOD OF SLAUGHTER Chapter 1189 - The Burning Karma Flame

    It is only a bend totranscend. We come and we go as the Law of Karmamakes us live birth after birth. Recently, a lot of study has gone into rebirth and itslogical possibility. A small child of four is able to playthe piano beautifully.

    Book Review: Karma Still Goes Around (Karma Novels) by Jim Parks

    A young girl barely a few years old was able torecite a scripture. How is it possible for the mind of ayoung child to retain so much information? A little pupthrown into the river starts swimming without anyprior training. But what is instinct? It seems to be nothingmore than a mind reborn with the memory of a past life.

    Many cases around the globe today prove that somepeople clearly have some connection with theirprevious lives. There are cases where young childrentravel to new cities they have never been to before andidentify strangers as relatives from their past lives. They address them by their names and even recognizethe home where they used to live in their previous life.

    No one has a clue as to how they are able to do so. Theonly explanation is that the mind and memory havebeen reborn. James Leininger, an 8-year-old boy from Louisiana startedtalking about aviation when he was just 2 years old. James started having nightmares aboutbeing shot down by a plane with a red Sun on it — a Japaneseplane. Little mancan't get out! One of the most well-known cases of rebirth is that of ShantiDevi. Ever since she could talk, she could recollect events andexperiences she had with her past-life husband. She keptinsisting that she was Ludgi Devi from Mathura and alsokept requesting her disbelieving parents to take her toMathura, the city of her past life.

    Karma 101. what goes around comes around...and what you can do about it

    When her past-life husbandKedar Nath came with his year-old son and second wife,Shanti Devi instantly recognized him. She was able to identify herbrother from her previous life, her parents and even the elderbrother of her former husband. Don't such cases make us realize that these may be newbodies, but reborn minds? How could they otherwisebe able to recollect their past life events with suchprecision and clarity?

    Rebirth and Karma seem to have a very strongconnection. We are reborn based on our Karma, just asit is because of our Karma that we are reborn. Press Kit Newsletter Books U. Photo Gallery Trailers Contact. About Jessica Bio F. Photo Book Trailers Contact. We respect your email privacy.

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