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I look forward to your review of that audiobook… I may have to add it to my collection! I listened to the version by Nadia May. It is excellent. The Emilia Fox sample I listened to sounds just as just as good. Whichever version you choose, it must be read with a British accent! I agree, Diane! I recently purchased another one… read by Josephine Bailey who also has a British accent and it was also excellent!

Alright, I am so excited about this! Hi Hannah, welcome to the challenge. There are also online games, board games, web series like Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I am sure others can recommend spinoffs too. Can I tempt you to read Mr.

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It is a classic in the sequels genre and very well written. It might surprise you! I will go to the library and see if they have Mr.

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Might as well give it a try, for the sake of trying new things, right? I feel the same way about Austen sequels, etc. That said, I may still try Mr. I meant Mr. I should really proofread…. The challenge is delightfully accepted at the afficionada level; although, it creates two more challenges. Secondly, It will be a challenge to stretch the reading out to nine or ten months allowing for video watching for two or three months of the year.

The Pemberley Chronicles: Mr. The schedule will be updated as tomes arrive. Melva, who exciting to meet a Janeite from the South Pacific! Welcome to the challenge. I love your selections and hope you enjoy them! More reasons to read Austen Inspired literature! This challenge will pretty much finish me off. What will I do? I guess start shooting for !? I am all in! Aficionada: 9 — 12 selections, lovely indeed! So sorry I have no time for my blog since I started teaching again BUT, I still would love to be a part of this challenge!

I recommend to my fellow Janeites Mrs. Happy Reading fellow Janeites! Susan aka lovesjaneausten on twitter. Sounds like great fun! Thanks for the challenge! Aficionada — my level. Hi Gorgeous! I absolutely love the reading challenges you share with all of us… Hmmm, let me think about this one for a few days as I ponder the committment for Reblogged this on Hello from me to you. I am going to start out as a disciple but hope to end as aficionada I am still trying to decide which ones I want to do so many choices! I am going to try for disciple level, I am so excited to try this challenge!

1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Here is my post from my blog:. I will take the following 1. Pride and Prejudice Naxos Audiobooks 2. Darcy Takes a Wife 3. I think this is a great idea! For the moment, I have already seen the BBC series : , and the book is a must. My year-old daughter is signing up, too. My post will be up tomorrow morning here:.

Excited to explore the many variations of this great work. Thanks for the challenge. Am inspired by you all to read a sequel or two, or finish her biography. Most of the sequels I have read are pretty bad. Surely there are better out there! Never fear, my spirit always rises to the occasion! Count me in at the Aficionada level! Thanks for another fun challenge : Happy New Year! Thank you. I do not have a blog, so I will comment here.

What a wonderful idea! What a fabulous idea! Going to do some research this weekend on what books I want to read and will post my selections then. So excited to begin. I am insane. Oh, I must think about this. I might be able to manage disciple. Is it my understanding that any and all versions, adaptations, sequels, and prequels are allowed? I will let you know what I decide. Hi love this challenge although not really a challenge!

I amgoing for Aficionada level! I do not have a blog so do I need to comment my list here? And then every month I comment here as well? LibriVox dramatic recording Pride and Prejudice 2. Lost in Austen tv miniseries 4. By Force of Instinct by Abigail Reynolds 5. Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter 6. Austenland by Shannon Hale 7. Darcy Vampyre by Amanda Grange 9. Assumed Engagement by Kara Louise What Would Mr.

Darcy Do? Open to decide at a later date…. Here is the link to my blog! Definitely in! I commit myself to this challenge at the Aficionada level! Hi, Lauren Ann. Thanks for the invitation : Mr. I carefully apportioned the pages in this rereading of Pride and Prejudice, so I would complete them on the anniversary date of the publication. As I look back, it is difficult to remember that I have read this — my favorite Jane Austen novel — nearly 50 times since my 13th birthday when I was first given it by my grandmother. The wonderful characters, the intriguing plot, the elegant prose, the biting wit, the perfect irony — every element has only grown better and richer with each reading.

It has been arguably the most influential novel in the history of English literature, from Mrs. Boy and girl meet, they hate each other and then they finally fall in love. I will always love the independence of Elizabeth, admire the gentleness of Jane, enjoy the humor of Mr. Bennet, laugh at Mr. Collins, appreciate the kindness of the Gardiners, fantasize about Mr.

Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters. We both enjoyed it a great deal and, of course, loved the casting of Colin Firth as Mark Darcy. Renee Zellweger was very likeable as Bridget. Certainly she was not Elizabeth Bennet, but she was warm and witty and had grown by the end and turned down the Wickamesque Daniel Cleaver Hugh Grant in favor of her Mr.

The screenplay by Andrew Davies, who did the version, was thoroughly charming. I was glad to see it again so many years later. I have chosen disciple level first before thinking whether to add in more tasks. I was so excited when I realized it was the th anniversary. Aficionada for me, please! Would I be able to find somewhere there to post?

There are a lot of YA novels so much better. Thank you for the tip! Alot of the YA is well done I would just read some of the reviews. Her name is Kara Shiff Dean and she has a blog.

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I would check her out. Hello I am going for aficionada level and hope I make it to complete my 12 selections by the end of the year I shall start with Lindsay Duncan reading Pride and Prejudice on CD. I flatter myself by declaring that after reviewing your list, I have previously acquired aficionado status. It will be fun to participate and re-read some of my favorites. Thanks for the invite! Apparently I misunderstood. I thought I was supposed to read your list along with you and comment after your review… I will have to come up with a list and get back to you.

I had already rewatched the movie which I do frequently. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the last man in the world by Amanda Grange. I will post my progress updates on my blog spot however the grand reveal of the page is not for a couple of weeks so until then, I am keeping the address a secret. Here is my reading list as of right now…. March Reading List: Finding Mr. May Reading List: Mr.

Darcy by Sara Angelini. As you can see this list is incomplete. I expect many book releases this year by some fantastic authors and will add to the list throughout the year. I am committing to neophyte, but hope to accomplish disciple. Here is my blog post! I love this challenge! We have taken on the Aficionada level. I am definitely going to try Aficionada level. I have even started a blog for this especially! I would like to take up the challenge as well, thank you so much for offering it to us!

I too do not currently have a blog, but am in the process of starting one, sorry. Here is my list and I will try to post my comments after I have finished each month:. Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen 2. Shepard 9. I will need it with the Holidays around the corner I am planning on at least six books and one movie for Thanks for another awesome challenge! Laurel Ann: I thought I had already responded to this, but I must have done something incorrectly.

I will participate and will write about it at Darcyholic Diversions as well at the Aficionada level. Thanks for such a fun idea! This is my first challenge so I might as well go for it all the way. This is going to be great!!! I started with Searching For Pemberley. I started my next selection, The Unexpected Miss Bennet and so far so good. Well I finally have my year reading planned out. Aficionada level, please. Do rereads and finishing things up count? For June , the book is Pride and Prejudice, with a post scheduled June 12 identifying the quotes. Tweets will be at noon Eastern time.

Hi Sueann, this is the original sign-up post. Monthly reviews of each of your selections are posted in the comments of my new monthly post. I posted my January selection on Jan That is where you post your own review in the comment section for January. Does that make sense? So excited to be participating!

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Challenge accepted — level Aficionada! Here I go, accepting my very first reading challenge! I will try for the Aficionado level! I do not have a blog so I will be posting my selections each month. Well, let me try this again. Now I have a WordPress blog, so I hope that will help me show up in your comments! Here is my blog post. Pingback: Pride and Prejudice Year Celebration!! Cynthia I Hensley. Here I go!! This will be such fun! I am going to try to reach Aficionado. I am totally doing this. I am so excited. This is such an awesome idea.

Aficionada all the way. Sign me up as an Aficionada. I never miss the opportunity of watching Colin Firth in action — the best Darcy ever. Also, it will be fun to re-read so many favorites. Just discovered blog and challenge. Please sign me up as Aficionada dissertation permitting. For now, here is my personal challenge starting in February is that allowed?

Starting right now!!

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  • Have a fun Pride and Prejudice year, everyone! And thank you so much, Laurel Ann, for organizing :. I would love to join, but wondered if it is necessary to list what I will be reading and watching ahead of time? Does that work? My goal would be Disciple, I think my time is too packed to commit to more than that.

    I think I will use my Goodreads account, or else my blog. Maybe it could use a resurrection from general neglect! My daughter fell in love with Pride and Prejudice last year and has read it likely a dozen times in less than a year. We were already planning on celebrating this year with a costumed party, this can be a fun addition! I tried to read the book on and off from age I never got further than when Jane was at the Netherfield sick.

    I have been a fanatic ever since. I have nobody in my house to talk to when it comes to austen.. They do understand my love of her. I would like to join! I am currently Rereading Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, by Linda Berdoll. I plan on watching some of the film adaptations feb. I dont have a blog, so i will post on here!

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    IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that any one in possession of good sense must be in want of the label of Aficionada! I just finished my first challenge book Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth attillo and already 5 others have fallen into my hands. This is fabulous! Sharee, you post your monthly reviews as the year progresses with my monthly post.

    The dates are in the post above. I hope this is helpful. I am going for disciple! I love this book and my favorite version is of course the BBC miniseries. Hi Charlotte, I read this novel last year and reviewed it already. It was a fun read, but I wanted to read a few novels that I had read many years ago and some new ones.

    Socially Awkward Darcy - A Dizzie Wedding + New Series Pitch - A Dizzie Wedding + New Series Pitch

    Pingback: Happy Anniversary, Pride and Prejudice! Had to scroll WAY down! Happy to be participating with you all. A lot of people get engaged in a year at Larissa: ah… where did this whole conversation come from? They can be engaged for another year. In love. Bennet has put upon Lizzie with all the marriage thing. I can totally picture him proposing in one year time. Morgane: Yes, but would she say yes right away? Lizzie may be pretty obvious most of times, but I think that when it comes to Darcy she can be surprising. Luisa LB : Masquerade in Wonderland. Socially Awkward Darcy.

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