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By direct printing onto rigid materials, such as etalbond, pvc etc. Craven eventually discovers through one of Emma's activist friends, who is nearly killed by a Northmoor agent, that Bennett ordered Emma's murder, as well as those of the other activists Emma was working with to expose Northmoor. Craven confronts U. Senator Jim Pine who was contacted earlier by Emma, revealing that Craven knows almost everything that happened.

His fellow detective and friend, Bill, comes to Craven's home while the Northmoor agents break into the house. Craven realizes that Bill set him up before the agents taser and kidnap Craven, taking him away in an ambulance. He wakes up handcuffed to a gurney in the Northmoor facility, but manages to escape. His health deteriorating rapidly from radiation poisoning, presumably done to him while he was held prisoner, Craven heads to Bennett's house and kills the Northmoor agents after forcing one of them at gunpoint to scream the name "Craven," finally identifying him as Emma's killer.

After executing his daughter's killer, Bennett shoots and wounds Craven, but Craven also wounds Bennett, and forces some of the radioactive milk down Bennett's throat.

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Bennett attempts to take some pills to counteract the radioactivity, but Craven shoots him dead. Jedburgh, who is suffering from an unrelated terminal illness, meets with the Senator and two political advisers who had hired Jedburgh to handle Craven. They want to spin the Northmoor incident in a positive light. Jedburgh suggests that an assassination attempt on the Senator could be an angle to drive Bennett's death out of the headlines.

They are pleased with this idea until Jedburgh abruptly kills both advisers and the senator.

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When a young police officer nervously enters the Senator's room, Jedburgh asks the officer at gunpoint if he has children. When the officer replies yes, Jedburgh lowers his gun, allowing the officer to shoot him dead.

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While Craven lies dying in the hospital from his wounds and radiation poisoning , a young reporter for the local TV station WFXT , who had spoken to Craven a few nights earlier, opens a letter from him which contains DVDs recorded by Emma revealing the conspiracy, ensuring Northmoor's end. As Craven dies, the spirit of Emma comforts him. Craven and Emma are then shown leaving the hospital together, walking down the corridor and toward a bright, white light. In , Martin Campbell announced that he was planning to adapt Edge of Darkness for the cinema. Additional scenes were shot in Malden, Massachusetts in the old Malden hospital.

Some of the final scenes were shot at a home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. Additionally, Gibson and his crew set up shop for filming in western Massachusetts , with staff staying in Northampton hotels. Also, Sugarloaf Mountain was shut down for a few days while they rented it out.

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The film takes place in America, unlike the television series, which was based in England. The helicopter was owned by Liberty Helicopters, which offers sight-seeing tours around Manhattan. However, the decision was made during postproduction after Corigliano's score had been recorded and dubbed to replace his score with a new one by Howard Shore.

The site's critical consensus reads, "For better and for worse, Edge of Darkness offers vintage Mel Gibson, working within the familiar framework of a bloody revenge thriller. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edge of Darkness Theatrical release poster.

William Monahan Andrew Bovell.