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Turn south here to Masham for Ripon and Thirsk, then over the heather-clad moors via Pickering to drop down to the peaceful fishing village of Whitby, where you can celebrate an exhilarating ride with fresh fish 'n' chips and a pint of ale. The land of the Vikings is biking Nirvana. The road network takes in terrific switchbacks and awesome fjords -- some crossed by ferries.

You begin in Bergen and head for Gudvangern where a ferry takes you through Naerlandsford, the world's longest and deepest fjord. Beyond Belstrand, you'll need to drop gears as you climb over Gaularfjell to Moskog, then Stryn and Eidsdal, where a ferry links to the Trollstigen road, zigzagging crazily to deliver you exhilarated to Andalsness. Istanbul provides a superb starting point for an exotic circuit, taking in Cappadocia's troglodyte houses, ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins and the beauty of the Black Sea and Taurus Mountains.

A ferry across the Sea of Masmara links you to Bursa, then Safranbolu, and the eerie volcanic landscapes of Cappadocia, riddled with Christian churches. A ride west via Konya to hit the Aegean coast -- taking in the Greco-Roman town of Ephesus -- closes the loop. Chasing Che Guevara's ghost down the highway of an enigmatic Communist island nation that resembles a Hollywood stage set is a thrill in itself.

Classic American cars and creaky ox carts are companions on your clockwise loop from Havana to Baracoa, with plenty of time for salsa, cigars and rum. For five decades forbidden fruit, Cuba recently opened to U. A year of the world's Best Beaches There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. Join us on a month journey to see them all Go to the best beaches.

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Go to top of page Instagram Facebook Twitter. The other players grumbled that he must be cheating, and a gun was drawn. Scotto offered to return his winnings, which infuriated the others even more. His companions of the previous night disembarked, winking and grinning at him, then their leader handed Scotto a crumpled scrap of paper. On it were written messages wishing him well in his journey.

These men are animals, but they wanted to help you continue your journeys—and also have a little fun with you. All of us wish you well.

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You see, by helping you, if you make it all the way around the world, we go around with you—even though we can never leave the jungle. As he slowed to a halt to catch his breath, gunfire erupted and bullets sprayed the pavement all around him. Soldiers emerged from the brush and accused him of being a CIA agent spying for the Contras. He convinced them he was simply an Argentine tourist, and eventually they let him go. The kindness of strangers often amazed Scotto. In Honduras he got a flat rear tire in the middle of nowhere.

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He removed the wheel by the fading daylight and was settling in for a long night when two peasants appeared out of the gloom. They offered to take the wheel to their village to have it repaired. Some time after midnight they returned with the wheel and the repaired tire, asked if he needed anything else, and refused payment for their trouble. Crossing the border between Mexico and Arizona, Scotto was immediately struck by the friendliness of the border guards, the cleanliness of America, the marvelous condition of the highways—and the low speed limits.

In California he got eight speeding tickets, seven more than he gotin ,plus miles of riding outside the USA. He pulled into New York City flat broke, and took a job in a deli.

A local TV station did a segment on his around-the-world quest, and the host made an appeal for donations to help him on his way. Enough people sent him money that he was soon on his way to Europe.

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In contrast to the wealth of the United States and Europe, the poverty of communist nations shocked him. The lone, often broke traveler acutely felt his own freedom in contrast to the peasants gathering wood for fuel and carrying the huge stacks on their backs. They were all afraid to speak. That freedom took Scotto next to Africa, where his goal was to visit all 55 countries. He arrived in North Africa at the port of Tunis to find himself surrounded by an ocean of sand—the Sahara.

He pointed his Gold Wing toward the heart of it on a hard, dry, stony track unmarked by signs. The heat was unbearable, the sand kept getting deeper. He thought several times about turning back—and then things got really bad. A sirocco—the classic desert sandstorm—descended upon him, pelting him with sand like rain from a monsoon.

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A gust of wind knocked him off the bike and tore the visor off his helmet. He huddled against his bike curled up with his head between his knees and struggled to breathe. Then, as suddenly as it began, the storm was over.

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His bike was buried, its chrome stripped off by the wind-driven sand, the aluminum polished clean. The storm had lasted only four hours. Some siroccos last for days. Reaching the Atlantic coast of Africa at last, Scotto was forced to take a road dotted with enormous potholes. Yokoyama lost three members of his family in the March tsunami, and is now living in temporary housing in Miyagi prefecture state.

The motorcycle is among the first items lost in the tsunami to reach the west coast of North America. In March, an Alaskan man found a football and later a volleyball from Japan; their owners were located last week using names that had been inscribed on the balls. Canadian Peter Mark, who found the bike and its container, told Fuji that he "couldn't believe that something like that would make it across the Pacific. When he saw the Japanese number plate, Mark wondered if it might have drifted from Japan after the tsunami, and contacted a local TV station. The Fuji report said the motorcycle would be shipped back to Japan, and that the shop that sold it to Yokoyama would help with paperwork and storage.