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This World for choir and two trumpets (extract)

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Elliott Carter Side by Side by Schumann and Haydn

This I Believe The Creed. Do It Again. Elevation Worship.

Disturbed - The Night (With Lyrics)

My Heart Will Go On. Dion, Celine. Flute Solo. Hey Jude.

Elysian Edition: Catalogue

The Beatles. Waka Waka This Time for Africa. Shakira feat. Linkin Park. Still Into You. Audition Cut - Short.

Edition: 3184

Break Free. Grande, Ariana. Audition Cut - Long. One Last Time. Hello - C Instrument. Goulding, Ellie. Best Song Ever - C Instrument. One Direction. Break Your Heart.

Bevani Flute. If inspected closely, one can see that Seurat's paintings are comprised of tiny strokes of "points" of pure color on the canvas.

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When the painting is viewed from a distance, the colors appear to blend and shimmer. This color bled effect is called "optical mixing". The music in the movement Seurat aims to depict the pointillist aspects of this artwork by frequently shifting the instrumentation and bouncing the melody from one player to another, and also by the pointed and light attack of every note. The third movement is Van Gogh. This movement depicts on his best known paintings, Starry Night.

Van Gogh lived a life of loneliness and sorrow. Despite his talent as a painter, he was mentally disturbed. In , Van Gogh comitted himself to an asylum in Saint-Remy. It was here hat he was inspired to paint Starry Night. Thous at this point in his life Van Gogh was disillusioned by religion, he had not lost belief in the afterlife.

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He expressed that he felt s strong need for religion, so he looked to the stars. Starry Night is filled with curves and rhythm, and the cypress tree int he front exudes a dark loneliness. The movement Van Gogh moves with a slow, rhythmic pulse, and a curving melodic contour. The overall darkness of the movement depicts the loneliness of the cypress tree, and of Van Gogh.

Pollock is the final movement, and is a musical representation of the works of Jackson Pollock who used the "drip" technique. Paintings such as One were created by pouring paint on to a canvas with hardened brushes, stocks, or syringes. Pollock laid his canvas flat on the floor to paint.

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His process was called action painting.