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This one really deserves 2. None of the stories are terrible, but none of them were really memorable or unique, and few, if any, of them were scary. On the positive side, I don't remember any of them being poorly written, at least from a mechanical standpoint, though that is kind of like saying "these flavorless rice cakes were properly mixed and cooked".

Your mileage may vary, but I was not impressed. Easily the best collection I've read all year. These stories may be classed as horror, but it's a subtle horror: wafting into your nostrils, worming beneath your skin, leaving you with afterimages that cling with demented determination.

Twisted family ties, latent gifts blossoming late, imprudent wishes--all wonderfully crafted and disturbingly possible. I thought some of the stories were pretty general run of the mill horror but a few of them were really good and gave me the creeps days after I read them.

Definitely a must have for any horror fan. A frightening and macabre collection of tales that will twist your mind and crawl out of your darkest phobias. From classic settings of country roads and sun-crisped scarecrows, to futuristic horrors of human experimentation, these stories will have you clinging to the edge of your seat, holding your breath, and turning pages!

bloodways a collection of horror tales of horror and dark suspense book 2 Manual

I was not impressed. I love a good scare I only made it through the first four stories by pushing myself. I kept hoping the next one would be better. I finally gave up and stopped wasting my time. I gave it two stars simply because I didn't finish the book and perhaps, maybe, there was a good one I never got to.

Granted you get some what is this mess every once in a while then you get the gems and it makes the journey with it. Out of 20 stories one was terrible. It had no premise,direction,it rambled off topic on weird tangents that by page 8 of the story I threw in the towel. The other 19 rated a 7 or better out of This was an enjoyable collection that was well written ,original pieces even if it was a zombie story etc,the pov was unique it also introduced me to new authors. I recommend this to every horror fans library you will not be disappointed.

The stories were good, but many of them left me wishing there was more to come. Maybe some of these stories will continue on in other Books, or I can just use my own imagination. Books like this I found are a good way to find writers that enjoy to read. Hope to see more Tales of Terror in the future. Beri tahu pencarian peningkatan.

Terima Tutup.

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You can learn more about this on Facebook from All Things Zombie. It is out now in the UK and available to pre-order in the US, where it will be published in December. Amazon UK. Barnes and Noble. Last year I decided as an experiment to write a web novel called Journal of the Living. That meant I had to publish the story in a series of blog posts as I was writing it. To make the challenge more interesting, I decided I would not plan ahead very far because I wanted the story to develop organically.

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Instead I would have polls at certain points so readers could vote on what happened next. After completing it, I learnt a few valuable lessons about writing a web novel. Writing a Web Novel is not the same as writing a normal novel. Each blog post needs to be edited thoroughly before publishing — but there is less temptation to go back to the previous parts if they are already published.

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For an over-editor like me, that prevented me rewriting the whole story a hundred times, forcing me to get on with the next blog post. A web novel requires a commitment to produce new material on a regular basis. This can be just a few paragraphs or an entire chapter or more.

This makes it important to keep writing even when you feel tired or lose enthusiasm, which can happen in the middle of any long project. Readers might not start your story at the beginning. This is a problem with the way blog posts are listed. Make sure you redirect new readers to the start with a link at the top of each new post. I wanted the direction of my story to be decided by readers voting in regular polls.

That meant I could not plan beyond the next poll. I hoped enough people would vote to make it worth doing. Unfortunately, the results of my early polls did not produce a good result. About three people voted in my first poll. For a vote to be a valuable tool, I needed at least a hundred voters.

The second poll was even worse. Nobody voted. The one after that had a few voters — but the vote was split equally. I soon realised that writing a novel with polls was not working how I imagined. The deadlines for voting had to be short — a week or two — but new readers could not catch up on the story in time to vote if they started reading it near the deadline. There was also another unforeseen problem. After each poll, I had to wait at least a week for the result before continuing the story. That destroyed my momentum, making it hard to resume where I had left off.

Eventually I scrapped the polls and just decided to finish the story without any more votes. I was disappointed the experiment had failed — but it was a valuable lesson.

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Is it fun writing a web novel? Yes — but it is also challenging. I enjoyed writing my first web novel — but I would think again about doing it with polls. That was not a good idea for my story. It might have been better to ask readers to give me their opinions on what they would have wanted to happen next, instead of just providing a few options. How much will I earn? My website does not have a donation button and it does not receive money from advertising.

The only way I will earn anything from my web novel is if readers buy my other books after visiting the website.

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Or if they buy the revised version I have now released as a trade paperback and ebook. Mark Taylor is an author from the UK, specialising in horror. He specialises in dark and twisted stories. I am an author of the macabre.