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They begin to share so much more at work and out. Not the information, but the trust that came with it. They opened up and shared in their own often hilarious, sometimes sad way. I loved every twitch, blink, and tilt of the head! There is no sex here, but the sense of togetherness was such a powerful pull and energy on the page. Their stillness and energy made me smile, smirk, and hope for them all the way through. He already had. His Quiet Agent is a unique, oh-so quiet, little love story about communication and connection. They are Secret Agents after all.

Highly recommended. View all 14 comments. Nov 09, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: asexuals-grey-demi , lgbtqia , 4-stars , little-or-no-sex , m-m. It took me some time to warm up to the story, but once I did I loved how the romance between Arthur and Martin was developed.

View all 18 comments. Nov 08, Megan Derr rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , pairing-ace , pairing-mlm , type-ebook.

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The term of being a demisexual is as understandable for me as the origin of the universe. I would have lied if I had said that I was happy about the lack of testosterone between the MCs. And also they were convincing with their way of living. Even if I, honestly, would rather see Martin as a secret saver of the world than a simple kid's library hero but DAMN, the whole story-line was sooooooooo. Even if I, honestly, would rather see Martin as a secret saver of the world than a simple kid's library hero but DAMN, the whole story-line was sooooooooo I am still wondering how it was possible to create so much love and tension between those two without a single sex scene It was tender, it was beautiful, emotional and heart-warming.

I really loved it. View 2 comments. Jun 17, Danny Tyran rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , gay , i-have-one. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is not the kind of personality that is usually found in a romance and that Martin doesn't communicate so to speak no pun intended , either orally or nonverbally, doesn't make him easily approachable. But Arthur is patient and understanding, and he needs to feel appreciated.

He discovers little by little Martin and slowly becomes fond of him in spite of his silence, and we do too at the same time. The author has been so good at distilling information about Martin and his behavior shift that each new discovery makes him feel closer and more interesting. She was able to keep most of the information for the ending, which allowed to keep some mystery throughout the novel.

The use of children to make Martin look friendlier was a bit easy, but considering what Martin reads to them, it removes some of the banality of this choice. That he teaches them old English made me smile. I finished the novel all at once, unable to drop it after Martin's disappearance. Which is usually a good sign.

It is well written, there is a certain amount of humor, a little angst and a lot of tenderness. The author warned us that her book has a "Heat Rating of zero", but I found this novel very heartwarming. I will certainly read other books by this author.

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View all 5 comments. Review also posted on the blog. If the author ever decides to put this out in paperback or audio I w Review also posted on the blog. Something to voice how special this book is to me. Both characters are quiet and prefer to keep to themselves. Arthur so much that when he asks for a promotion his supervisor has to look at the photo in his file to know who he is. During his lunch breaks he has time to meet and get to know his coworkers and one day he shares the table with Martin. Over time they bond over the books and food until out of friendship becomes love — to me there is nothing better than that.

Martin stays an enigma for the better part of the book, only slowly revealing things to Arthur — and the reader as well. I think my heart might have burst a bit because of happiness and love when I read that. Both characters are ace-spec. I really I loved how they both fell in love with each other.

I really hope that whoever you are reading this, decide to pick this book up. Despite the short length, this was a really well-rounded story with awesomely fleshed-out characters and side characters. This made me connect with Arthur even more because, even though my family is not like that thankfully , our relationships are probably just as complicted. I really enjoyed to see more of his background. I think it was quite helpful to get a better feel for who Arthur is and what shaped him. His Quiet Agent is one of those books I wish everyone would read and really, this review is not enough to tell you how much I adore this book.

Jun 04, Zuzu rated it it was amazing.

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Love this story. This book is extremely romantic but in a way I've never read before. Two "weird" outcasts find their version of love. I can't recommend this book enough. View all 6 comments. Jun 25, Ije the Devourer of Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-exquisitereads. This was such a beautiful and gentle romance. It was a delight to read. Jun 14, Alison rated it it was amazing Shelves: nz , queer , lgbtq , my-e-things. So wonderful. This novella really grabbed a hold of me and I absolutely loved it. It was very much an impulse buy and I'm so glad I picked this up without really thinking about it because it's delightful and charming and romantic and made me really happy.

This is a wonderful love story where two fairly quiet, awkward, ace-ish people find each other and it's a beautiful thing. The romance genre is full of characters who are charming and extroverted and smooth-talking and good at witty banter and So wonderful. The romance genre is full of characters who are charming and extroverted and smooth-talking and good at witty banter and really keen on sex, which is all well and good, but it's so fantastic to read about people who aren't any of those things.

These two lovely characters are both a bit quiet and don't always know the right thing to say and are a little awkward and aren't very social and aren't all that interested in sex and it's awesome and real and incredibly refreshing to read. This book was a wonderful surprise and I'm so fond of it.

It's not perfect, but it's different and special and I loved it. Aug 26, Meep rated it really liked it.

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Re-read - Think I may have liked this more on a second read. Not sure if this is to be a series but I wasn't quite ready to leave them when the book ended. Arthur as narrating character is likeable; he's had a complicated upbringing and wants to be liked, to get on, but it doesn't come naturally to him. I don't doubt the view of the agency people is skewered by his Re-read - Think I may have liked this more on a second read.

I don't doubt the view of the agency people is skewered by his perspective and I could see it myself the difficulty fitting in to establshed social groups and how his childhood would influence that too. Martin would be an undemanding 'friend' and there's hints that leery others have some heart.

The story is the two men slowly, glacially slowly, finding a connection. There's no fanfare so don't read this hoping for loud declarations and drastically changed routines. They stay true to themselves. We learn very little about Martin, he doesn't share and warms only with a twitch of his lips. This is not about embracing life, but that sometimes instead of dancing in the rain it's ok to link hands and simply peer at it through the glass, together. While some crave music others lke quiet, and that's just as valid.

There's no sex and possibly wont be, but there's still a connection, perhaps one that means more for it's quieteness. I'd have liked to learn more about Martin, and part of me would have liked a lttle fanfare, a little more there. But the gentle end is pleasant too and there's a short extra I'll be trying and it's listed as a series so there could yet be more.

It's not one I'd call favourite or be in a rush to re-read but it's the type of story that feels like more than the words on the page. Will be checking other titles by the author. But I do wonder if this had fanfic roots Nov 21, Michael S. I don't even want to touch plot details; part of the appeal is discovery in this unabashedly oddball book. If you're in the mood for something a bit more explicit, I'd look elsewhere and circle back around.

Soto's approach to detail is minimalist on the window dressing and very specific where it counts. I noticed very few errors, and nothing that really pulled me out of the experience. Give this one a try if you are looking for a male romance out of the ordinary, especially one with demisexual or asexual themes.

View 1 comment. Jul 29, Claudie Arseneault rated it it was amazing Shelves: lgbt , asexual , aoc. Finally picked it up after hearing a lot of good things about the ace rep. I got really attached, really quickly--stories where someone tries to slip into another's life without shattering their boundaries and being super stalkerish are my jam. Bonus, this one has two ace characters on different part of the spectrum Arthur is demisexual and will adopt that label over the course of the novel; Martin is likely asexual, although all we know for sure is that he is sex-repulsed.

I do wish that the f Finally picked it up after hearing a lot of good things about the ace rep. I do wish that the first time we ran into the ace label, it wasn't so casually thrown about by an allosexual character as "we have so many options these days!! Overall, I devoured this over the course of an evening. Very enjoyable experience. Sep 16, Bev rated it it was amazing Shelves: asexual-bisexual-demi-pan , lgbtq-mm , little-or-no-sex , spies-spooks-security , just-so-damn-good , murder-mystery-whodunit , shortie-underpages , part-of-a-series-or-serial.

Such a lovely, gentle, quirky little read featuring two MC's who know absolutely nothing about each other when they first meet [and not a whole lot more at the end of this particular story either it has to be said], but Arthur is fed up of being known as a nobody, and wants to find out all he can about the 'Alien' from the upper floor.

Martin has told Arthur that it's OK to have his heart and his h 4. I loved Carol's character, the co-worker at the Agency who says things like ''every pretty gay boy needs a tough, hardcore lesbian in their corner and every tough lesbian needs a pretty gay boy for balance. It's in the rule book. It's quite difficult to sum up Arthur and Martin's sexuality, but I have a feeling that one or other is probably asexual and the other isn't particularly interested anyhoo.

We need to know what happened to make Martin go 'off the grid' for 4 months and finally appear out of nowhere in a pretty bad way, and giving Arthur very bad feelings about what was going on. And I loved the mentions of the kids in the library that Martin was reading Beowulf to, and Arthur's attempts to carry on Martin's good work when he was missing. The cookery lessons, the looking after Martin when he practically keeled over from the flu I loved everything about the story in fact.

Merlin in the Library follows. Aug 24, Sam Burns rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , good-ace-rep , contemporary-m-m. Hint, if your character is somehow 'reformed' into a different sexuality, then it's bad rep. This did not disappoint. The characters were well-formed, realistic people, with flaws and quirks that made them fun to read about.

I'm sure one of the common problems people might have is that there is After recommendations from Ami and Annie from FTtB, I knew I had to read this one. I'm sure one of the common problems people might have is that there isn't much of a plot, because it's not one over-arcing storyline. Instead, it's a character-driven story, and focuses on how the two main characters come to love and trust each other. While the main characters work for a government agency, they aren't 'secret agents' as in the generally used romance novel trope.

There's no action sequence, no chase scene, no passionate sex anywhere to be found. If you're looking for that stuff, skip this. The book is exactly what it says it is, and is one of the most aptly titled pieces of fiction I've ever read.

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If you like the idea of a quiet, sweet romance, and think people can love each other without sex, then definitely read it. It's excellent writing, good representation, and is going on my list of favorites for sure. Jun 16, KC rated it it was amazing. The ending is both satisfying and left me wanting to know so much more about it all, which is such a good combination.

I miss the characters already. Jul 03, Tamara rated it really liked it Shelves: pub , time-contemporary , genre-romance , theme-lgbtqa , book-free , theme-ace. This is a story about two agents working for an unnamed government agency. Artur is introverted and likes to keep his head down and do the work, but after another non-promotion because his bosses didn't know who he was, he decides to put himself out there and get himself noticed.

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Unfortunately, when he tries to make friends he mostly comes off as creepy. Eventually he gravitates towards the resident weirdo - Martin "The Alien" who hasn't spoken to any of his colleagues in several years. And, aft This is a story about two agents working for an unnamed government agency. And, after an incident where Arthur finds out Martin is more than he seems, he basically decides he's gonna mother him.

Sweet romance ensues :D I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I'm looking forward to reading more books written by this author : And thank you, Elena, for pointing out that this isn't one of the books that treats asexuality as a problem to be solved - otherwise I'm not sure I would have read it! I really enjoyed this one. It's my first by this author, but I'm certainly interested to read more. This is a very quiet story and a very slow build. Martin is highly shielded and Arthur is socially awkward. They're both considered weird by their coworkers and Arthur tries to find out if they're weird compliments each other.

The cover made me think this was going to be historical Brit fic rather than contemporary American, so that took a couple of chapters to adjust to. I did like the quiet tone I really enjoyed this one. I did like the quiet tone of the book and how Martin and Arthur's relationship developed. It's difficult enough to show relationship development when the characters are talkers, even more difficult when they're not, yet somehow this author manages it.

The small gestures, the show of trust and caring - it's all convincing. I was especially surprised and pleased when both MCs were revealed to be asexual and this didn't become a "fix the ace" travesty. So those who want sex in your books, you're not going to get it here. There are a lot of unanswered questions, which is a given considering their jobs, and I'm ok with those. I would've liked to get to know more about Martin's backstory, but he doesn't really start to open up until the very end.

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The hints we get are intriguing though and opens the room for a lot of reader speculation, which in a way is more fun than getting it all spelled out for you. Still, if ever there was a book that needs an epilogue, this is it. There's some handwaving that needs to be done in regards to the Agency and how it appears to operate, but it didn't detract from the tension or suspense in the last quarter of the book at all.

It was actually used to some great effect. Is that a deal breaker for publishers these days? Do I need to spend another year buying ads and pushing my online presence up before I can cross the threshold into publishing? First, thanks for coming on to participate in the discussion, Sharon. Second, I would disagree that the first thing publishes look at is social media.

So in other words, how many people do you speak to in a year? How many read your blog, or see your columns, or subscribe to your newsletter? How many listen to you on the radio or see you on TV? What organizations do you participate with, and how many people are exposed to your words through them?

Authors or wannabe authors must brand themselves. In this day in age, social media is the 1 way to brand yourself. You are how they make their money. Social media is the 1 way to brand yourself. You can start by taking a class on how to brand yourself using social media or just read up on it online. Thanks for providing such solid information, Chip. Such clear explanations encourage me to work smarter, as well as harder. Not all of us have devoted our lives to writing. Some, like myself, have been living their lives, learning their lessons, and after a lifetime of experience—have a story to tell.

My nonfiction tell-all of escaping the mental imprisionment of American Fundamental Extremism, having been inadvertently exiled because I admitted to being gay—is hard to pigeonhole. A memoir is a deeply personal story covering many avenues of thought. How do I determine how to present it to its broadest advantage, and find an agent who can appreciate the scope of its message?

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His Quiet Agent

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