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In the world of automata, a single project is called an automaton. An automaton can be defined as a self operating machine or mechanism. In this book an automaton could be defined as a wood project that involves movement of parts. It could be a humorous movement to watch like two people sitting at a table, banging their hands on the table, and obviously verbally attacking each other. It could be an art project with parts that move in a way that is pleasant to watch. It could be a project with parts that move, that simply beg an answer to how did he do that?

Of course it could be some combination of all of the above. It is assumed that all the automatons in this book will be made from wood and receive its primary motion from a hand crank. Alternatives could be an electric motor, wind-driven, water-driven, solar driven, or possibly gravity driven. There is a lot of help on the internet for building wood automata. This book will be divided into two major sections.

The first section is labeled Construction Techniques and will discuss the components of automata and how to apply them to your project. The second section is labeled Making your own automaton and will provide detailed instructions to build an automaton, which is a human figure doing push-ups. To help demonstrate many of the automata concepts I have included reference to two YouTube videos of my own automata.

Wow! Amazing DIY Cardboard Butterfly Automata Toy

The first video is a somewhat simple project involving one individual doing CPR. The second video is a large automaton which I called Convolution. It involves many mechanisms and automata concepts. Building automata requires a basic knowledge of mechanisms.

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Automata Autopsy: In-Depth with Dug North's Kinetic Sculptures

Add to Cart. Turn the wooden crank forward or back and the aviator on his winged chair rocks back and forth as his arms move the graceful wings. Made entirely from compressed pinewood even the gears , all parts snap easily out of the wooden templates and the instructions are easy to follow—expect it to take about an hour for completion. This is an extremely fun and minimally challenging project for parents and kids to work on together, and a gift that will delight your little ones—everyone will want to take a turn.

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