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Binge drinkers have a greater risk of:. Each year, thousands of college students end up in the emergency room because of alcohol poisoning.

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This is when heavy alcohol use affects the central nervous system, slowing breathing and heart rate. It also interferes with the gag reflex. This increases the risk of choking on vomit, if the drinker passes out from too much drinking. Blood alcohol levels can keep rising even if a person passes out.

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If a person who has been drinking a lot is confused, vomits, has a seizure, has pale skin, or passes out, it may be a sign of alcohol poisoning. This is a medical emergency. It can lead to brain damage or death. Young people who often engage in binge drinking are more likely to develop a drinking problem. This is ongoing drinking that may be accompanied by some of these problems:.

Not following through on major work, school, or home responsibilities. About 1 in 4 college students report academic problems from drinking. These include missing class, falling behind in class, doing poorly on exams or papers, and getting lower grades overall. Drinking in dangerous situations.

A person might drink while driving a car or using machinery. A person may be arrested for drunk driving or for physically hurting someone while drunk. Continued drinking, even when it causes problems. The person still drinks, even when having ongoing problems with friends or family. These problems are caused or made worse by alcohol.

Alcohol abuse may not always include a very strong craving for alcohol, loss of control, or physical dependence. Alcoholism is a term often used for a more severe alcohol use disorder. It is a disease often marked by:. Alternatively, a compilation of the information, minus the scientific gobbledygook, is handed out with the prescription. The exact content and warnings about specific hazards are listed on the labels of so-called Over-the-Counter medications. The FDA has stringent requirements for purity and concentration of each component of prescription drugs. Generic drugs must closely duplicate not only the content of the active agent but also the approximate rate of release, distribution and decay.

All manufacturing facilities, even overseas, are inspected periodically by the FDA, which requires exacting manufacturing standards and frequent batch testing for purity. When the hazard is so severe that special precautions have to be taken, FDA requires a an even more proscriptive Rare or Expensive Management [REM] program, which requires special training and monitoring of doctors and pharmacists. You will notice, however, that the exhaustive list of possible toxic effects of the drug is spoken rapidly, usually with distracting graphics in the background.

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Apparently, these disclosures help to insulate the manufacturers from suits when catastrophic events occur. Street drug dealers have their own — very different — testing methods, and they are not so scientific.

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A recent National Geographic series on the Opioid Epidemic interviewed two IV drug users who received free bags of heroin from each new batch their dealer brought to town. If they survived, then the user could feel free to use or sell it. She kicked her oxycontin habit about three years before, after her brother died of an overdose. Kratom is supposed to have some mild opioid-like effects. It is made from the leaves of a tree that grows in South Asia. When she heard of the death of her best friend, aged 25, after a presumed overdose, she decided again to get sober.

Could ‘alcosynth’ provide all the joy of booze – without the dangers?

She did well for several months, then got depressed and again bought some kratom. However, this batch seemed to make her more depressed, nervous, unable to sleep, nauseated and generally irritable and uncomfortable. She blithely assumed that somehow she had become insensitive to the effects of the drug. She had no real knowledge whatsoever as to what was in that package. Cocaine today often comes with an added danger. In the article, the horrific effects, plus hallucinations, continued for days.

Sometimes Scientific Studies Fall Short. In fact, when 5G launches, it will be the first actual test on human beings ever performed. This is unprecedented for such a wide-scale, public tech launch. When 5G wavelengths are emitted, our skin will automatically absorb them , which will naturally cause the skin to rise in temperature. Already live in three countries, 5G is the first global electromagnetic radiation test on human beings in the history of Planet Earth. While most wireless industry executives kibosh the long list of legitimate 5G health concerns, most scientists believe that the public is in danger and that further tests are needed.

Many scientists understand that the electromagnetic radiation leaking through the doors of our microwave ovens are carcinogenic, and therefore, can cause cancer. Most of these scientists also believe that these waves are mutagenic, meaning they change the DNA structure of living beings. The launch of 5G will be similar to turning on your microwave, opening its door, and leaving it on for the rest of your life. For the past ten years, 5G technology has been in development. Originally planned as a layer atop 3G and 4G, 5G is fast becoming a world of its own.

Every cell tower in your neighborhood emits radio frequency RF radiation. Radiation causes cancer. By , every city will have 5G towers and cell stations. These devices will be on the top or side of millions of buildings throughout the world. Yes, 5G towers and mini-stations are extremely dangerous.

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  8. Not only are the shorter millimeter waves more hazardous to human beings, because of the intensity of the technology, it will require millions more mini cell towers than before, potentially one tower per 2 to 8 houses. While there is a lot of chatter against the anti-5G community, there are also a lot of compelling discussions between scientists who are waging war against the untested technology. In general, radiation does one major thing to human beings and animals — it destroys our DNA, either by forcing the DNA to mutate or by killing specific groups of cells, all of which lead to cancer.

    Besides moving to Mars or the Moon, we are limited in ways to protect ourselves from this dangerous technology. Cell tower radiation health effects are real. Because there will be thousands of these towers and stations in every city, it will be almost impossible to avoid them.

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    Given how addicted we are to our devices, the general public will tend toward risking life and limb to support our screen-related addictions. That said, there are some things we can do to protect ourselves from radiation. The more we focus on our health and diet, the more our immune systems can defend against the challenges related to 5G radiation. Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Vitamin C, and similar supplements are consumable forms of sunlight, which will always improve our health and raise our vibrations.

    Yoga, meditation, chanting, mantras and other forms of prayer can also be beneficial in protecting our life-energies. While fear can weaken our electromagnetic fields, love, intimacy and social vulnerability can strengthen them.