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But the closer it came to the deadline, the harder Quillan started to play. An O'Brien Western 15 books in series. Shoot to Kill Summary. Book 1.

Still healing from Ventura County's first mass shooting 25 years before Borderline

Not Available on Audible. Book 2. Hard as Nails By: Ben Bridges.

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Book 3. Mexico Breakout By: Ben Bridges.

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Book 4. Hangman's Noose By: Ben Bridges. Book 5. Book 6. Squaw Man By: Ben Bridges. Book 7. North of the Border By: Ben Bridges. Book 8. Add to basket failed. Please try again later. Add to wishlist failed. Free with day trial. Book 9.

Shoot to Kill: O'Brien, Book 8 (Unabridged)

Hell for Leather By: Ben Bridges. Book An appeal was dismissed. In his writings, Winterbourne portrayed himself as a victim who was blackballed. He pulled a shotgun out of a long cardboard box and started firing. Then she heard screams. Villegas fell to the ground after one of the shots. Stinson was shot four times in each leg. Co-workers said her screams were how they knew she was alive. She spent six months in hospitals and rehab facilities. Stinson lives in Cibolo, Texas, with her sister-in-law. MORE: In the wake of tragedy, many here still say they have much to be thankful for. She facilitates a Bible study meeting on Fridays.

Each year on Dec. She talks of what happened without anger or judgment. She said the shooting forced her to adjust to limitations and find a way to forge ahead.

Forced to reload

I am Catherine Ann Stinson. Cathie Jimenez was huddled under her desk behind a chair. He dug frantically into the pockets of his trench coat. When he reloaded, he turned the gun away from Jimenez.

Shoot to Kill: Why Baltimore is one of the most lethal cities in the U.S.

He shot Anna Velasco, who was 42 and owned a smile that made others happy. At first, the memories overwhelmed everything else. She lost chunks of each day as her mind flashed back to the shooting, to the sight of Winterbourne from under her desk.

She went through therapy. She stays in contact with other survivors, talking to them more when the anniversary is near. Her son, Andrew, is making a film about the shooting — a docudrama that combines interviews of Jimenez and other survivors with dramatizations of what happened. The shooting brought loss that will never be replaced. Jimenez would undo it in an instant if she could. The words hit Irma Lopez, 72, of Oxnard. Pushed by thoughts of her children losing their mother, she crawled across the office on her hands and knees in a journey that seemed endless.

She rose at the end to unlatch the door leading to safety. Panes of glass exploded.

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She was hit by bullets in the back and leg. Her physical wounds healed. Emotional scars took longer.

Unarmed man begs for life, shot by police