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At times, they have felt like Lost Souls, not having found a home on any of my previous recordings.

2. You fall back into bad habits repeatedly.

Like unexpected travellers, they appeared on the path of previous journeys. While some of these songs have no direct connection to my pursuit of the history of the Celts, they are eager to find a resting place nonetheless. Images of sensual evenings spent in plazas in Spain and the Mediterranean seemed to be burned into my mind, enriched with the aroma of jasmine. In whatever way separation manifests itself, it is comforting to remember the time spent with a loved one creating memories.

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This is another song I wrote during the same era as The Visit. Not only did they provide and protect the necessities of life by way of air and water, they were also the habitat for other living creatures.

  • 1. You feel disconnected from others..
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This poem by W. Yeats, which I set to music somewhere in the late s, seems to capture some of that special connection. I gathered it in Winnipeg, Canada during my early years of connecting with Celtic music. Or the songs lines of the indigenous people of Australia.

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The celestial and physical worlds have long provided the reference points for our navigation. Partially inspired by a Moldavian folk melody, this song is a tribute to that ancient knowledge. But contemporaries thought that his personality had changed; where once he had been well-behaved, now he was downright antisocial.

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The incident raised questions about what constitutes the self and to what extent it is influenced by the body. Although Phineas Gage is cited in medical and psychological literature as one of the earliest known cases of brain damage and personality change, the debate about what makes people human had, by then, already been going on for centuries. His book focuses on the period between and By the 17th century, however, Christendom was in crisis and many found it hard to reconcile the notion of an incorporeal soul with a mechanical world that was increasingly understood as made up of matter.

After Hobbes concluded that men were controlled by animal feelings that inevitably produced conflict, his proposed solution was to hand over power to an absolute monarch. John Locke, by contrast, envisioned a mind whose rationality was bounded but yet encompassed reason and free will—a notion that would help give birth to political liberalism.

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It covers political turmoil, religious heterodoxy and scientific discovery—often within the same paragraph—and boasts a formidable cast of characters. Join them.

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