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There is a wide diversity of opinion amongst my fellow debut novelists about who should see the Work in Progress WIP. Not surprisingly, several relied in general on family and friends. And then there are those who produced their first book during a structured program. There seems to be a definite shift in approach when moving from first to second book.

It is so easily damaged, especially in the early stages. It was very interesting to compare the opinions of the debut novelists with some more established writers. Liz Fenwick her third book, A Cornish Stranger , is out in paperback in April has both a critique partner and a beta reader who see everything as the writing progresses.

She also shares passages with friends on her Facebook author page. Essie Fox her third book, The Goddess and the Thief , was published Dec takes exactly the opposite approach. This has helped me to see more in some of the other books I have read recently, whilst making me more appreciative of a well-crafted tale. Now, as I leave the Land of No Expectations, I do so with a greater appreciation for how my debut novel has affected readers.

Their views and questions are mixing in my brain along with the ideas about plot, character and setting. I have a feeling that I will still want to pull back the curtain as the next book takes shape, which has more to do with my personality than anything else. But if I do, it will be with more confidence, more control, and more assurance than before. As a specialist in this field, I see many cases of 2BS, which has affected the author population for hundreds, even thousands of years.

There is evidence that even Plato was afflicted after he released the first of his Dialogues. Today, 2BS is extremely prevalent in the debut author cohort. Our job as medical professionals is to instill in the sufferer the confidence that they will be able to write another book, and that people will read it, and that there was nothing magical about the first book which cannot be repeated.

This is the approach that I took with VL. This is both unkind and unfair. Every author owes something to the books which they have read, and these are mine. But I chose the title for another reason, because it feels like my life is regenerating. The past 9 months of cancer treatment have been all about destruction, of the invading cells trying to kill me, and their evil progeny. Cutting and poisoning are the weapons, and they are oh so horribly, mercilessly crude.

My last chemo treatment was Nov. Several choir members joined me in the hospital for an informal concert for the patients and staff. We belted out our favourite numbers and I nearly tore the drip from my chest in my enthusiasm. Nurses danced around the corridors. It all helped to take my mind off waiting for the final blood result, which was necessary to insure that my immune system could cope again with the drugs. Suffering from a nasty cold, I hoped that my valiant white cells could multi-task.

To stumble then, on the 12 th treatment, was unthinkable. I was done. Marinated in cancer-killing chemicals. And for the agents who believed in me, and the publishers who saw something in my book worth sharing with the reading public. Through it all, I have felt cocooned by so much love, like being wrapped in a huge, warm duvet.

Come December, the first reviews of the book started to appear. The publicity team unveiled their plans. As I struggled to my feet, the magic was happening. I visited the publisher and together with the sales and marketing team we watched a documentary about the Labor Day hurricane.

The first copy of the hardback arrived two days before Christmas. I held it in my hands, mesmerised. It was everything that I hoped it would be. The cover design perfectly captured the mood of the book, and I loved the little sketch of a conch shell on each chapter opening.

It looked substantial, and most of all, real. In my bald helplessness, barely able to climb the stairs, I was like an infant again. It felt like a new life was starting. I savoured the moment and thought: no matter how many other books I write, it will never be like this again. At the same time, the first fuzz appeared on my scalp. I took it as a sign.

Eyelashes signalled a return. I imagined that I could feel the repairs happening inside, as millions of cells woke up and got to work, fixing themselves. And now, 10 days before publication, things are growing again, some visible and some not. Physical and mental stamina, which have been low for so long, are increasing. Scars, still livid, have begun to fade, likewise the dread which has been my constant companion since my diagnosis in May. I can feel tingles of hope, and its flashier cousin, optimism, like blood returning to a numbed appendage.

The tips of bulb shoots are emerging from the earth in the pots outside the door. The damage is in the past, quickly healing over now. My second course of chemotherapy for breast cancer ended five weeks ago. And that, as you will see, is a fairly momentous statement. My first bout of cancer was in It came out of nowhere, with no family history or risk factors.

I found the lump myself, during dinner one night. Check yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. And then check again. Neither was published. During treatment—surgery, chemo, radiation—I clung tightly to my normal routine and kept my head down, waiting for it to be over. I continued working in my publishing job, I socialised, and I kept singing in three local acapella groups. All of these activities gave me great comfort and solace. But I stopped writing. At first, I blamed the physical debilitation, but eventually I realised that it was more than that. I had lost my facility with words.

I had lost the urge to tell stories, something which I had done since the age of six. It was like they had excised the writing centre in my brain along with the tumour. I trained as a vocal leader and started a community choir. Adventure stories. Animals -- Juvenile fiction. Elementary schools -- Juvenile fiction. Pets -- Juvenile fiction. Action figures Toys -- Fiction.

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Citation formats are based on standards as of July Citations contain only title, author, edition, publisher, and year published. Citations should be used as a guideline and should be double checked for accuracy. Staff View. Grouped Work ID:. More Details. By the time she's out of the picture, there's no character development whatsoever. I know, baby, me too. Characters and a proper, good, enjoyable characterization, really make a novel, but I can still partially enjoy it if, at least, the plot is interesting.

Sadly, Flight has little plot to speak of. Moreover, it doesn't rear its ugly head until close to the end. I liked the lore, unbelievable as it was bird-shifters at the top of the supernatural chain? Color me skeptic , but the way it was handled and the execution were poor and lacking.

Levi, Owen, Jarred and Hailey are all crow-shifters. After spending a couple of days with Allie, Levi decides to bring her in on the secret, because.. I don't know. Because she's "beautiful" and he wants to get in her pants, I s'ppose. Allie reacts like a normal person, freaks the fuck out and gets the hell out of dodge. No, I wish that was it, but no. She thinks it's cool. A couple of weeks pass and Levi gives her a gift, an old family heirloom, a ring with rubies.

Which, of course, means she's been tricked to be his mate, can't take off the ring and can never leave New Orleans again, because people want her and she's in mortal danger. She runs, she gets kidnapped, she gets saved. I did appreciate Allie's character, for standing up for herself when it comes to calling out Levi on his lies and not forgiving him off the bat.

My psychic powers tell me it's going to happen in the second installment, though. Levi's reponse to Allie accusing him of putting her in danger? Possesive, asshole-y jerk! Oh, and liar.

Vanessa Lafaye – Page 2 – VANESSA LAFAYE

He asks her for one more day, to try and convince her to stay. Naturally, Allie - freaked and shaken as she is - says no and gets the hell out of dodge. She really doesn't. View all 11 comments. Jess is a bit of an airhead.. Normal people would be like this.. Levi continues to hide like his entire life from her.. I think he needs to Then Levi surprises Allie but it turns out he is just being more of a douche!

I mean she still doesnt even know what he works as.. View all 7 comments. Aug 19, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars , loved , fantasy , hot-guy , magic , favorites , mystery , vamps , werewolves , famous. WOW loved this! Another favourite to add to the long growing list. This year has been one of the best book-wise. I loved Levi and Allies banter and how she played hard to get and always had something to say and they challenged each other.

It's like Levi didn't know how to handle her because no one had ever not melted into a puddle at his feet and done everything he asked and Allie and him were perfect together because she wouldn't let him intimidate her. Man he was gorgeous! I also loved Hailey, WOW loved this! I also loved Hailey, she's a friend anyone would be lucky to have. I'd love to room with her. Allie meets Levi at one of her dads hotels that she and her best friend Jess have agreed to work part time in to gain work expierience. She sees him instantly and notices how Immensly hot he is however she has sworn off guys for the summer.

She sees him again that night and Jess latches to one of his friends- Jared and she bregrudginly agrees to go for a drink with Levi and his friends who also show them around. Their compatible not just because they are both attractive and challenge each other but also because Levi's dad also owns a successful string of companies so they know their not just using each other for money. Slowly Levi and Allie grow closer and they can no longer deny there's something between them, so when Jess decides to leave and go home Allie relies on Levi for company.

But Levi is actually a shape-shifter and Allie is the only person he's ever shown. But there's something else Allie should know about Levi and she is definitely going to find out- and in the worst possible way. This whole book was full of adventure, fun and surprises and I loved it from start to finish. View all 8 comments. Nov 21, Amanda rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in , read-series. This was my first audio book and I feel like it was a total waste! Not only did the narrator sound like a robot, our leading lady is an absolute bitch!

Ends up in a sticky situation which I still don't understand why Allie acts like a super bitch to everyone, not This was my first audio book and I feel like it was a total waste! Allie acts like a super bitch to everyone, not only at one point does she say something like "you know your hair is the same colour as your car" to her new bestie and when the girl hits back "least my car isn't lilac" Allie hits out with "low blow" UM WTF?

So, Allie, it's ok for you to say someone's hair is bright red but anyone else says anything back to you god forbid. Plus she tries to play hard to get and being awful but admits to liking Levi?! I could go on for ages, I didn't connect with any of the characters and I'm bored of writing full reviews for books that I really don't like, sorry!

I won't be carrying on with this series. Jan 22, Shane Harris rated it it was ok. Can I really begin my review with 'Well, I didn't hate it'? Because I really really wanted to like it. I read the synopsis and thought Yes, ok - sounds interesting. And really, I did like the premise of the story originally! Reality is Allie has just broken up with her boyfriend and she has decided to swear off men.

They enter the Crescent City Hotel and Allie immediately locks eyes with a hot guy in the lobby. So much for the no men thing. Meet Levi After a couple of outings, Jess goes too far for her own comfort with one of Levi's friends and decides to leave the job, the boy and her friend behind to go home. Inexplicably, this also causes a rift in the friendship to the point she and Allie barely speak.

See a Problem?

See, he and his friends are shifters Yes, I said crow They have big wings that come out of their back, but they stay humanoid otherwise - and they can fly as Allie discovers when Levi pulls her off of a tall building , they are strong And there are things like vampires at the bottom of the paranormal society totem pole And the crow shifters are the leaders of this hierarchy. Oh, and they are rich. Of course. And Allie's reaction to all of this is She is cool with it - no biggie!

So, after knowing each other for a couple months Levi takes Allie out on a 'real date' to a fancy restaurant and gives her this bright shiny ring with rubies on it. She is a little wary she believes this is a summer fling that will end when she goes away to college. But yeah, she still takes the nice ring. On the way home, there is kissing, groping and steaminess - a veritable spike in hormonal activity, which leads these two back to the 2BR Hotel suite Allie's staying in did I forget to mention that earlier?

Soooo, the next morning things are all good Hailey, being the good crow-shifter BFF, explains that the ring and the er.. And the ring can't come off. Well, maybe if she amputated her finger or something, but apparently its like fused on there good.

Flight Risk

Yeah, Levi did that Controlling, manipulative asshole! Allie THEN freaks and leaves town. What the BFF neglects to mention is that her new 'mate' is the crown-Prince of I believe its The Society Yes, that makes her the Princess and, she is unsafe outside of New Orleans - which is the seat of power. Just stay with me here Long story condensed The End. Wait, what?! Oh that's right.

Book 2. My thoughts: OK. So, I liked the setting of New Orleans. The description of the locale was pretty great. I actually liked the premise of different shifters, and a society of these paranormal beings with a royal hierarchy. It could have been really good. I liked the IDEA of the main characters Levi was a guy, if done well, you would love and love to hate.

Allie is a girl you could really like smart, independent, stands up for herself as lead character - but there was just something missing. What was missing: 1. The characters. Yes, I just got done saying I liked them However, there was no depth. Very little character development whatsoever. It was all But you never really feel the relationships between the characters. You never really gain any insight into what any of them are thinking The different relationships between ALL characters in the book are surface only, and makes it hard to really care about them or believe they really care about each other.

Extremely disappointing, because I think that it could have been really good with proper development. The dialog. Holy crow see what I did there? I had to actually force myself not to skip dialog. Honestly, I found myself adding descriptors into the sentences as I read them about how the words would be said, the expressions on the faces, the little impressions that give insight and feeling to the words that were just When I read some of the dialogue I thought - no, this is not how a college Freshman going to Princeton!

It was immature and unrealistic read:middle school. Pet peeve of mine was the seemingly excessive and gratuitous use of "Really? Major glossing over of LARGE parts of the whole supernatural world that was introduced, but never explained Yeah, secret basement headquarters under the Hotel read:upscale batcave?

Levi says Allie can ask anything she wants, but refuses to answer pretty much everything. Then Allie just doesn't ask anymore. There are so many loose ends and unexplained elements to the whole 'Society' - that it leaves you confused as to why it was ever brought up to begin with. The fact that the ending of this story is that the girl must essentially give up her family to keep them safe , her Ivy League education because she won't be safe on her own , and be engaged to a guy who tricked her by lies of omission and took away her choice for her future due to his own selfishness.

But, yay Kill me now. And yes, I get the concept of letting go of one version of your life to start another I just don't believe this was executed well in this story. I wanted to like this story a lot. I liked the idea of it, and parts were ok. I wanted SO much more. I am not sure I will be able to continue in the series I just do not think I could endure the lack of development and dialog for another whole book. View all 5 comments. Jun 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it.

Allie starts Princeton in the fall so she wants one last adventurous summer away from her ex-boyfriend. Allie and her friend Jess decide to work at her dad's hotel in New Orleans. Jess is a bit boy crazy and immediately wants to check out the New Orleans night life and eye candy while Allie wants to stay boy free. They meet Levi and his friends who are more than happy to show them a good time. Jess ends up deciding she wants to head home and Allie's plans for a boy less summer are failing because she has no one to hang out with and of course Levi's sexiness and persistency is hard to resist.

I loved the paranormal aspect of this book. The synopsis doesn't give much away and neither will I because I don't want to ruin the surprise. It is totally different than anything I have read. The whole time I'm wondering who and what is this supernatural society?! When some of the info does come out Allie takes it surprisingly well.

There is a good and fun side to it that she enjoys and I would too. She is open to what is happening but doesn't fully understand the implications she could get caught up in. There is always a downside to everything isn't there. Especially something you don't fully understand. I will say I loved the underground world, party and interesting hierarchy that was mentioned but the end had also had some scary scenes and showed the evil side of the paranormal world as well.

Levi is sexy, sometimes arrogant, but also sweet. From the moment he sees Allie he knows he wants her and he won't give up. He doesn't get too stalkerish or psycho but he is persistent. I loved Levi but towards the end he does something bad and sneaky and totally wrong but I still have hope that they will work it out. I have so much I want to say but I am trying to keep the supernatural society mystery so I can't get too into it but I just loved it!!!!! I could not put the book down and read the entire thing in one sitting. I honestly don't think I even took one break. So unbelievably beautiful The kiss started off gentle but neither of us could keep it that way for long.

It might have been our second kiss, but it was our first real one. I realized quickly that the first time at the bar we had both been holding back. Levi deepened the kiss, his arms wrapping around me tighter before lowering me onto the sand. View all 3 comments. Nov 27, Bj rated it liked it Shelves: conquer-my-tbr-in , freebies , paranormal-uf-dystopian , arc , , ya , 3-and-a-half-stars , audiobooks.

As is typical of Young Adult romances, the intimate scenes are very tame and could easily be appropriate for listeners of junior high age on up. Additionally, the plot is mostly focused on the paranormal world and coming of age of issues, once again making this title suitable for almost all ages of romance readers. One area that I found lacking, however, was the romance. In Flight, however, I felt the romance was superficial and rushed, thereby leading to my dissatisfaction with the one element of YA romance that I have come to count on and highly enjoy.

The paranormal world building was also brief in nature, perhaps due to the short-length only about 5 and a half hours or to the fact that this is just the first in a series of five books and novellas. Fortunately Amy Rubinate does render her typical talented performance, thereby at least ensuring the narration is a plus for this title. See the full review at AudioGals. Mar 13, Eric Townsend rated it did not like it. Maybe I missed a memo somewhere. Flight is no different.

Unfortunately, for me at least, Flight was not. I wanted to like this book, the writing was great, the style choices and pacing Alyssa Rose Ivy went with fit perfectly, but the romance… well it had some of my least favorite things, including the worst offender of all. Can insta-love not be a thing? Pretty please? Yup, Levi is one of those guys. Let her decide what she wants!

Book Reviews

That goes for everything, not just that one scene. Not good enough. The guy may care for her, but he acts like a tool, and refuses to let her just be. View 1 comment. I really enjoyed Flight and I'm super excited to see how the story will continue in the second book!!! The only thing I complain is that Allie pissed me sometimes she just keeps shutting Levi down admittedly he does something majorly wrong to her at the end of the book but I still was frustrated with Allie for the way she handled the situation.

View all 12 comments. I don't know how to rate it. There were some big mistakes in the book some more beta reading could have avoided transition missing. Example: they tell Alex and Tobby they won't see Levi and co anymore and next page, new chapter they're all doled up to go outside with them without any hint it would happen or they've been contacted or He obviously is hot but I can't go in his head and had not any clue he was so serious about her.

Alli is also hard to read an I don't know how to rate it. Alli is also hard to read and connect with as she seems so distant and interested but not so interested in Levi. What does she think really? What was also unsettling was Alli's relationship with her parents. Her dad is uncaring I did grasp it but they say she is close to her mom and yet, there's much she does not know That said, I loved reading about New Orleans, about these special shifters as I never would have guessed what they were and her friendship with Hailey was endearing.

I also think ther's more to Jess's departure than what it seems and she may come back with a big surprise in the next book. Excellent What an excellent, exciting book. I enjoyed it all. This was an Audible book and the narrator was awful. There was just something about the way she talked. It drove me nuts. Oct 04, Lex rated it really liked it Shelves: shifters , paranormal , new-adult , fantasy.

Reading it with Alisa! Had a huge head start for this cause she's a pretty fast robot. I don't really read the blurbs anymore. Um, yeah, cover snob. Flight is an easy to read book. Just like the title, the flight is relatively easy, good and fast. I totally enjoyed it.

Moments - Flight Risk Chapter 15 (Full)

It is about Reading it with Alisa! It is about shifters. In this first book, the paranormal world is not really that much um, existent? I mean, it's not like Twilight where the readers are sucked--pardon the pun--into the vampire world. It's like Blood and Guitars. You know there are that kind of uh, not people, but for the lack of better word, lets call them people. How can I explain it in English? Oh my god. Ivy kept Levi mysterious but well, some of the questions had been answered.