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The Future of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation | 12222 edition

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Monetisation of the inbox. I seriously doubt if there will be a priority inbox-tax. But advertising certainly. Gmail is already showing ads formatted like email.

In the meanwhile use email marketing today before it becomes a marketing expense. Visual communication helps us to learn faster and more effectively, Social is becoming more visual. Naturally the traditional email inbox is also growing increasingly visual. The personal inbox is becoming increasingly personalised, interactive and programmable.

We can then expect this trend to continue growing where inboxes be more visual. Video will become far more prevalent within emails. Completely Personalised email combined with real-time Automation Currently, automation is often focused on a straight funnel approach. Previous action s such as purchasing tripwire content or entering a competition triggers the next. With the advent of AI and personalised video, we could see real-time experiences take over the nurture flow in a seamless and automated experience. Emails could be sent in normal or video format, dynamically rendered based on location and weather.

Discounts and offers would be shown on these completely personalised variables, which in turn increases conversion. This also sits hand in hand with paid email marketing as a prediction, which could see a centralised demand-side platform for email placements.

And real-time-bidding could take place — similar to the Google Display Network for example. With users that are reluctant to share all their personal details, Customers will grow control over their personal data and email addresses. But if done correctly, the enforcement of the new regulations will help them trust marketing from brands again and build healthy relationships. Expect stricter data regulation in regions beyond the EU. This will shape the way businesses capture emails leads. Marketers need consent for their data activities and transparency will be a bigger part of the lead capture landscape moving forward.

Top Email Design Trends for What are the email design trends for ? This year, expect more personalized and interactive emails. What do they and a host of excellent commentators have to say? These are the most email design trends most likely to. Focusing on Personalization and Dynamic content Personalization has always been a popular email design trends. The focus on dynamic content is part because of the rise of AI-driven personalization. This allows marketers to add tailored email content at scale and with granularity that would otherwise be impossible.

More about that in trend 3.

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Creating interactive email experiences Brands use interactivity to engage and removing friction from email experiences. For instance in direct voting click on them stars! Interactive email is will be adopted more often if Email marketers can use them more easily. That will be a trend as the ESPs start offering the design and content features to create interactive email.

Allowing AI and machine learning systems to determine more email content Machine learning makes it possible to optimize send times, show the right product recommendations, pick subject lines and words. Al can now be done because of intelligent AI-amajigs. Think about real-time countdown clocks e.

Gamification of email with live content can engage customers and make your messages stand out, for example with live polls and results. Simplifying email designs for easier consumption and creation Brands are simplifying their emails to be more flexible with changes. It is more about pushing content, not style. Mobile is a big driving force behind simpler email designs. One could even make a case for mobile-only design as more than half of email opens views originate from mobile , mobile email is even more popular with Gen Z.

Using more animation, whether gifs or css animation Use animated. Email animation has attention grabbing properties. According to Litmus research two-thirds of brands are making the omnichannel transition or have already completed it. What else are email marketers looking at, although more on the low-prio? Nowhere as clear that marketing is driven by data and technology as in marketing automation. Are you ready for the brave new version of the marketing world? Pam Neely put 10 B2B marketing automation trends most likely to have the biggest impact.

Most of the marketing automation trends are based on smart use of data. Personalization, Multichannel marketing, Improving the Customer Journey, all are data-driven.

Step 1: Build the Best Personal Email Experience

Data management is tough and the number of data sources is only increasing. Expect marketers who are able to turn their data from cacophony into symphony will do better and better. More B2B tools and marketers will go toward multichannel communication this year. Personalized communications to include personalized customer journeys. More B2B marketers will implement real-time communication.

Just look at the delta between real-time and batch mesaging. Real time welcome emails have 10X the results of batched welcome emails on average. Not all Marketing automation tools are not all are as fast as a speeding customer, but this is changing and marketers have no excuse not to act.

Marketing automation is customer experience optimization Marketing automation will be used more often for the entire customer lifecycle. This makes perfect sense. According to a recent survey of B2B marketers, the single most effective way to optimize marketing automation is Customer experience mapping. Marketing automation is a way to shape their experience with your company. Marketing automation is customer experience optimization.

Google is making email a lot more interactive, to save you all those confusing clicks.

Voice will become the new messaging channel in marketing automation. Voice will accelerate in , and it is going to affect marketing automation. Alexa can for instance now read your emails, have you listened how your automated emails sound? Better check what your customer experience is like via voice. Marketing automation strategy, Start with a map. While not numbered, you can imagine what is the biggest of influences for a succesful Marketing Automation program?

Would it be that Lead quality beats quantity? The growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning? Strategy, and it comes with a Classic story too: Marketers are attracted to cool technology, but lack the strategy to make the most of it. Read the full article here. Was it? That should be something marketers look forward to. Josh Nason, Senior Email Deliverability Consultant from Oracle Dyn adds: Emailers can be excited about getting to the inbox more… if they remove unengaged users and send overall better content.

Now most companies have been scared into reviewing their database practices. In our own Email Addiction research we uncovered the consumers use and attitude about email marketing. Because as an email marketer you want to know views and behaviors of consumers that have the greatest impact on your marketing results. One of the questions goes into the email marketing innovations that consumers are most interested in.

This shows that consumers are looking for qualification and relevance to help the decision to click and convert. Email marketers have been raving about video being the upcoming trend. But according to the popular opinion it is not a winner compared to a good relevant offer with supporting information. Download the full Email Addiction Report here. You might already be stepping on the email marketing gas pedal, some things will be recognizable. So the trends to effective marketing are:.

The future of email marketing is here. And it’s personalized.

Full story? Here at Mailjet. Marketers have thoughts on the possibilities of data and the endlessness of it all. Meanwhile the experts at Apsis office ponder about all the digital marketing trends. Embrace yourself and brace for their predictions. Niklas Jakobsson says: Eager B2B marketers will start looking for new and exciting opportunities to climb the evolutionary ladder of data-driven marketing. When marketing automation hits mainstream, Omni-channel marketing is the natural next quest.

But wait, first do some qualitative progression and get the foundation of marketing automation and truly earn your ticket for a seat on the hype-train. B2B might mean Back the basics. Nail your welcome flows, and ensure that you start right before progressing to next step nurturing. Apparently the marketing and sales people at Apsis dreams about qualitative leads and streamlined marketing and sales processes at night.

That sounds a bit overly involved guys. But not the one-way-flow-of-input-for businesses-to-increase-revenue-in-the-name-of-marketing-and-selling kind. Triple E E-commerce Expert Extraordinaire Sofie Bjerkefeldt says: Rather, trust is earned, so focus on building authentic and strong customer relationships. Maximize your data to make one size fit Without a cookie-cutter formula, and a one-size-fits-all mode of successful communications.

What can we do? View the uniqueness of the customer as an opportunity — not a burden. It brings a way to sharpen segmentation and relevance. Marketers need to identitfy consumers regardless of the device or channel. That require smart technology to put all that data together, such as a customer data platform CDP. The EU-U. That has the potential of suspending data transfers to and from the U. Try to foresee the unforeseeable and be proactive with your data privacy strategies. You can read the full article here on the Apsis site.

The Future of email marketing | ALL email marketing trends

The three mega-trends Jason Rodgriguez from Litmus wanted to share , as they kept coming up in presentations at their events. They believe these trends will be instrumental in shaping the future of work in the email industry. Email design systems is a way open the door for cross team collaboration. Email marketers are working with larger teams and with more departments. Hardest is getting alignment and buy-in. Some practical tips is to kick off projects with a clear agenda, set expectations, and creating more human connections with teammate in the coming year. The email marketing collaboration trend creates a need for better communication between colleagues, departments, tools, and organizations.

It can be a lot to manage. Mega Email Marketing Trend 2: Design systems and modularity A design system creates a complete system of code, documentation, guidelines, and resources for creating nearly any type of email a sender requires. This improves email consistency, and lets teams scale their email production.

Modular design takes each element of your email campaign and makes them into modules components to re-use and quickly build a new email. Modular design can massively increase efficiency. All marketers should recognise the role of email in successful omni-channel marketing programs. One tip is to repurpose content from other channels in email, with the challenge to align teams across those channels, and keep it all user-focused. The Year in Email While most thought leaders are busy making predictions ahum , Anthony Chiulli of ok likes to learn from the past to positively impact the future. Good point.

You can read the full article here at ok. What is actually interesting about the Future of Email Marketing and Marketing Automation is that some of the trends we could see glimpses of in earlier years are deepening and becoming reality. As any philosopher, time traveler, or science fiction aficionado will say, nothing as hard to predict as the future. I think among the digital marketing world, we see ever changes, while email marketing has celebrated her 40th birthday, we are just getting started. The best predictions come from having a great knowledge of the past.

The increase was robust at first and began to flatline; lost momentum but not a downturn. Content will be pulled from existing sources and there will be less pressure on marketers to do it manually. It will be one of the channels with the highest and fastest growing ROI. As people move away from using screens, emails copy needs to work equally well for someone reading it, or having it read to them. With AMP for Email, you never need to leave the message itself to browse web content. You probably already use AMP every day without realizing it. Basically, Google caches many publisher websites so that they load faster—meaning much of the news we consume on a daily basis is often delivered via AMP.

In fact, AMP now sends more traffic to publishers than Facebook. The opaque algorithms of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can make promoting content organically i.

how to send an email in future !!!

Gmail, for example, now refuses to send. The downside is that criminals can send you the same things with added malware. They can also be forwarded to other people, or printed out. Finally, if you could create an alternative open standard system that could do all the things that email can do, it would probably have the same problems. I check my Gmail spam folder three or four times a day to rescue wrongly identified emails, and it often contains more legitimate emails than spam. However, Google has driven a trend to make spam filtering tougher. No email filtering system is perfect, but it can be either generous or strict.

A generous system will let a few borderline spam emails through to your inbox, while a strict system will put a few legitimate emails in the junk folder. Gmail took a stricter line. It happily put emails that should obviously be legitimate — website requests for email verification, vouchers and paid-for tickets, regular newsletters, messages from Google itself etc — into the spambox rather than let a few spam emails through.

Swapping false positives for false negatives gave users the impression that Gmail was better at spam filtering, even if their error rates were comparable. There are two simple rules for handling email attachments. Second, save the attachment and run a virus check before opening it. Email services try to filter out viruses, and some anti-virus programs can check email for malware. If in doubt, save the file and check it. If in even greater doubt, upload the attachment to VirusTotal , which will check it with more than 50 anti-virus products. VirusTotal can also check suspicious web addresses.

If you are not sure about a link in an email, you can test it. In general, however, try to avoid email attachments. This is particularly useful to people who are running out of space in Gmail, because Google has not kept its word about people never having to delete emails, and because Gmail has no way to delete an attachment without deleting the email as well.

Nothing can replace email, but you can change the way you use it and make yourself less email-dependent. You can mitigate that problem by limiting the times you use it.